CD Freaks downtime

I just posted the article CD Freaks downtime….

Goodmorning everyone. Yesterday our server was offline for several hours. We don’t know the exact reason yet but we hope it won’t happen again!

We are very sorry for the trouble this has caused…

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Hi! I don’t care if you have problems! but I hope you solve that. Cdfreaks if one of best sites in net! :8 I have done good work, if you have problems some times that ok… =)all we have problems! See ya, and GOOD LUCK WITH SOLVING PROBLEMS! :wink:

I didn’t even notice it! -=CDFREAKS RULLES=-

DUDES, what are you guys thinking, don’t appologize, you guys freaking rule and so what if you go down ones in a while, you are and will be the best. Let me know if you need any help with your scripting, i know PHP4 and ASP(VBscript) SQL pretty good and have no problem trying to help you guys, i also know Flash and Fireworks and one of my good buds is good with Photoshop and can do some pretty cool effects with it. PS. YOU GUYS RULE, hope you find a good server host that won’t be a little bitch and kick you because you get 25,000 viewers a day. GOOD LUCK

hey, its all good? systems are only good as the ppl that program them, and no one is perfect. to err is human. to not fix it is stupid. you guys fixed it, so you aint stupid! keep on rawking, i lov you guys!! :4 :4

To error is human, to blame someone else for it even more… Next time I’ll just call you :7

I can wait , CDFreaks its all I need . And You guys ´? :slight_smile: