CD Freaks developing QueryDVD - free drive information tool



I just posted the article CD Freaks developing QueryDVD - free drive information tool.

  Our very  own System Administrator Liggy,      is working  on a software utility named QueryDVD. The purpose of this program will be  to hopefully show you some information about...
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Will be a kickass app :wink: nice work Liggy. I’d help you there if I knew C++, but my knowledge relays on :frowning:


Is there some reason to think that CDSpeed is going away?


Sounds good. Please make sure the ScanDisc feature can handle UDF, which CD-DVD Speed apparently cannot (just crashes).


The application was not meant as a replacement for CD Speed. It’s merely intended for providing some disc and drive related tools on different operating systems. At least I don’t know of any such app for Linux or Mac.


Thanks Liggy, sorry can’t help but look forward to see it. All the best for the project’s development.