CD freaks cocktail bar: post your mixes!

Last night we got a little drunk on self-made mixes (after getting some inspiration from the net) so I thought… why not make a thread about it…

Post your mixes here.

Let me start:

  1. Vodka (I prefer Smirnoff) and Pisang ambon (1:1). Tastes like Pisang ambon, but without the ultra sweet bite. Good stuff :iagree:, also for those who don’t like booze!

  2. Martini (white) with tabasco. Add as much tabasco as you like (or can have). This has quite a strong flavour. Be careful with the tabasco if you got a sensative tongue!

Ok, let the drinks come… (so I can have a good weekend ;)).

For a real brain smasher, thats easy to sink try mixing brandy with champagne 1:3 (your preffered brands are recommended) half to whole teaspoon of sugar throw in a little grenadine, and finish with a strawberry.(strawberry optional) Give it 1 minute before you drink. (to let the sugar dissolve, size of glass or mixer is only limited by your imagination) :slight_smile:

Sounds like a girls drink, so I thought, man its a killer! The beauty of this drink due to the sugar is it continues to ferment in your stomach, so more alcohol is produced, and it gives you a double whammy. :Z

This wouldn’t be considered promotion of irresponsible & gratuitous abuse of certain drugs, would it?

I don’t experiment much with alcohol, but find below something worthy …

22ml Baileys Irish Cream (or similar)
22ml Cointreau (orange liquor)

The “Multiple orgasm” can be attained with a small layer of cream or milk between (sets of) layers of the above ingredients :wink:

Screaming Multiple Orgasm:
22ml Baileys Irish Cream (or similar)
22ml Cointreau (orange liquor)
seperated by layers of 15ml Galliano with the cream/milk.

My personal favourite…
Screaming orgasm
20ml Cointreau (orange liquor)
10ml Baileys irish cream (or similar)
10ml Vodka
10ml Amaretto
10ml Kahlua

we dont have a name

shot of orange vodka
shot of raspberry vodka
pineapple juice(same amount of this as OJ)
orange juice
grenadine (spelling) (splash - not too much)

should be pinkish. pour between glasses about 3 times. drink cold. its candy :smiley:

liquid cocaine :

equal portions of rumpelmints, jager, and some other german drink i cant ever remember.

This ones called a boiler makers: you sink a scunner (large sherry glass) full of your favorite liqure into a pint of ale, then you drink it slowly it mixes the beer & liqure getting you drunk very quickly.

i cant have alcohol :frowning:

I can’t either…but I do.

12oz. glass filled with ice.
1 1/2 jiggers of Captain Morgan Spiced rum
Top off with Ginger Ale.

Tastes just like a fountain poured Cream Soda.

Great going down, but will creep up on you, and hit you like a ton of bricks.

Try it, you’ll like it.

I can’t either but that won’t say that i don’t drink… :slight_smile:

1/3 rum
1/6 gin
1/2 orange juice
a little bit of strawberry sirup

Or just Malibu with ice :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Stoli or Grey Goose with ice tea,red bull or Propel.