CD Freaks @ CES 2006 preliminary report

I just posted the article CD Freaks @ CES 2006 preliminary report.

Novack has put together a quick overview of some of the highlights of this years
CES, at least for those that are interested in optical storage and related
delivery systems. With more to…

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How fast is 2x? If it’s the same transfer rate as a DVD+/-R then will it take 2 hours to burn a full BD?

72 Mbps A Single Layer 25Gb Blu-ray disc will take approximately 45 minutes to be fully written.

72 Mbps ! With which 500Gb HDD ?

What about a cheap reader?

@ItalianJob thats 72Mbps NOT 72 MB/sec divide by 8 is 9MB/sec
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So, is that 45 minutes for 1x or 2x? I remember the days of burning 1x & 2x DVDs & CDs. I feel spoiled now with the 8x-16x DVDs out there.:B

'With more to come later, perhaps you will find something of interest in this first report and please feel free to ask questions, as I am sure Wes will be happy to try and answer them for you!" Wha! is he still there? And would that be Wesociety.Maybe not

Yes Jef it’s Wesociety. No, he is no longer there. But, this makes no difference as we can contact the companies for more information for you. One problem was that the Blu-ray specs were finalised during the event and no one was really talking. I have many questions in this respect myself and already told Wes! :d

Gotcha Crabby.:B