CD Freaks @ CeBIT - part 2 - Lite-On IT & Nero Burning Rom

I just posted the article CD Freaks @ CeBIT - part 2 - Lite-On IT & Nero Burning Rom.

Below you can find CD Freaks’ report of our second day at the CeBIT 2003 Exhibition. Today we visited several companies to find out if there were any interesting new developments in the optical…

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Thanks, guys ! Excellent job ! Keep sending your news reports here. :slight_smile:

wondr about # LVD-2001 DVD-player # Supports MPEG-4 format # Supports digital home albums # DSC Memory Card playback on TV Does it support MPEG-4 Advance Profile or other profile (maybe visual Advanced profile) with GMC and Quarter Pel support ???

Anyword on the CDR/RW speed for the DVD burner?

Hypnosis4U2NV: according to their stand: 24X CD-R, 10X CD-RW, 32X CD read, 8X DVD read.

Gamefreak, thanks for the info… Im going to wait til they up the DVD write speed up to 8x or more and then get the CDR write speed to about 32x or 48x…

how do i buy nero showtime1 or 2 anybody please help???