CD Freaks @ CeBIT - part 1 - Plextor & CloneCD

I just posted the article CD Freaks @ CeBIT - part 1 - Plextor & CloneCD.

Below you can find our report at the first day of the CeBIT 2003 Exhibition in Hannover, Germany. CeBIT is the biggest technology exhibition and on this first day we talked to Plextor and…

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GigaRec sounds a lot like Sanyo’s HD-BURN.

Even cloneDVD comes up, I won’t buy it. Very simple. The reason is very simple: Ollie’s CloneCD recently just let our users down. It seems once the users paid, he just grabbed the money and then left us behind. CloneCD was a good software. It had a lot of novelity. Like the Drag queen story in Alice in the wonderland. Alice was running as fast as she can but found the surrounding did not change. She asked why. Then she was told that she needed to run as fast as she can to keep her current position. Similarly if CloneCD does not improve, it just extincts during the harsh competition of protection evolution. Once CloneCd looses its reputations, it takes a long time or maybe never be recovered. Recenlty, the cdfreask polls showed that it is no longer the most popular Cd replicator. It cannot copy many protected CDs. On the other hand, Alcohol has been gaining its reputation and overtook CloneCd’s leading position. Needless to say gamejack, blindware and DT are evolving at the same time too. These days CloneCD can hardly copy anything. When the old games with old protections gone, we will not need a software with function less than nero. Reputation is everything, ollie if you read. At the moment, CloneCd has a reputation of “grab the money and run”. You are not the only one releasing protected CD/DVDs copier.

thank you fanboy - your opinion is valued. i’m sure everyone will hold it very close to their heart. especially me - you’ve touched me. i’ve got to go wipe the tears outta my eyes…beautiful. on a side note, did plextor offer a drive to evaluate?

Man: Wat’s wrong? Wat can’t you burn with CloneCD. I have CloneCD 4 and with my Plextor drive, I have been able to duplicate all my purchased game from ones with SafeDisc 2, Securom 4.6 to PS2 protection. Give me an example of 1 game you cannot backup with CloneCD. Remember, the software only works if u also have a RAW capable CD Writer. Without one or da other, u will find dat u cannot do much. I have also used Alcohol, and it ALSO works!

yeah, GigaRec isn’t HD-Burn, it actually seems like plexy’s tring to be clever here… HD-Burn will just halve the pit length on the CD, so double the data (and effectively half the error correction). However, plextor will only reduce the pit length by 40%, and assuming the drive produces no jitter, then this means the resulting CD will still be readable by normal CD drives, as the red book standard allows for 40% jitter in either direction, so think of it as like Yamaha’s Audio Master, but in reverse.

I have tried too backup the playdisk of Unreal 2, which has the very latest New SecureRom Protection. BlindSuite failed using my Plex x12S with the new 99min firmware and my Lite-on x52, failed big time :frowning: Diskjuggler 1056+ is suppose too work using the following settings. Read Speed Max Write Speed Max Sub RW Checked Sub PQ Unchecked. I will test with a CDRW, not wasting anymore coasters :wink: Greetz the Diplomat :8 Ollie dropped CloneCD and my thoughts are someone from higher up has asked him too stop or he will be in deep trouble. I don’t think I am far wrong! All the banter about Ollie not being able too duplicate a working backup of the latest protection might also be true!

@Interceptor: Read in this thread how CloneCD can backup Securom 4.8 protected games like Unreal 2 with a little help… As far as I know Discjuggler can’t do it. Where did you get the info that Olli dropped CloneCD? Are you assuming that because it hasn’t been updated for a long time or do you know this?

CloneCD will copy Unreal 2, I’ve not done it myself, but a friend managed to. He gave me his backup CDs to try, I installed it, it played! No idea how he did it…and I haven’t left the game installed, it was dull! Nice graphics though. :7 P.S. I think he had some problems to start with…and he uses Mitsumi hardware as far as I know.

icepax: C&C General, age of mythology. They are protected by sd2.8 and 2.7. I have a 2 sheeps writer too but it just won’t work in these games. Therer are Motorracer3 protected by Tages. Sim City Securom 4.8. Never winter night. Also starforce123 ( I don’t own a starforce game anyway). I cannot agree more with interceptor that CloneCD is already history. When was the last time CloneCD defeating a new protection?

Guys don’t blame clone cd for your own incompetence! I’ve backed up many new games with latest protections on them and clone cd v4.2.0.2, they work no probs.

I’m a CloneCD fan from a long time, but now is down! You need other program to make a running copy of securom new, and also, can anyone tell me why some SD 2.80 protected games can be copied with CloneCD and my burner (Plex 8/20 - 1 sheep) but other can’t (Need for speed HP2, Fifa2003). Alcohol does’em! I really hope in a new CloneCD all-in-wonder version :wink:

it is already amazing to read all bullshit on this thread. all is said and the opposite. it is easy to give an opinion, but more difficult to give reliable information. all things take only time, and when people will understand than copy protection is not an easy task.

Let’s not forget that making a backup involves more than just the software. The Burner AND the player affect what works and what doesn’t.

Really?! Your suggests are very usefull…