CD Freaks @ CeBIT 2005

Very interesting, thanks! Sure seems like DL is going to be dead in the water based on no one really making media…

I just posted the article CD Freaks @ CeBIT 2005.

The CeBIT exhibition held in Hannover, Germany, is one of the most important locations to meet the companies we talk about during the year. So as in years past, CD Freaks made visiting this exhibition a priority. Read here what we have seen and what the companies had to say

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Nice review… Its going to be intersting how they will be able to acheive 8x writing with Blu-Ray and what type of hardware changes and upgrades will be available to achieve those speeds…

Great article. It’s disappointing to read of the lack of support for dual layer media by any of the other disc manufacturers. As long as who does make it prices it cheaper then it won’t matter too much I guess. I would interested to know if Taiyo Yuden was developing any dual layer media.

I will never understand why someone is using Nero Digital. These files are only playable with their own f***** player. Why don’t you use XviD for the video files?

We can’t support every format out there so no matter what, we had to make a choice. In the Doom9 tests Nero Digital was tested as a very good/the best codec. We also picked Windows Media Video as probably most users have Windows Media Player installed and are able to playback the files.
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Great and informative review nice one :smiley:

Nice review … but a bit late in my opinion. The most large internet-sites have their Cebit reviews online for a few days. So I didn’t read anything really new. :c No news about the NEC ND-4550A? I like the fact that more and more companies are going to add DVD-RAM support.

I support the nero digital files you included for this. Most people should have the nero player installed anyway.

We know that we are a bit late but as you have noticed have we tried something new ( integration of the videomaterial). Troubles with the creation of these videos are the reason for the delay. Next time we’ll be much faster :wink: