CD Freaks @ CeBIT 2005 - Ask your questions here

Like several years before, CD will attends worlds largest computer exhibition in the world: CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Many companies from the optical storage industry will be there and we would like them to answer your questions. Ask your questions to companies like:

KiSS Technology
Sonic Solutions

and many more which can be found on the Cebit Website.

If you have questions to these companies, this the time to ask! We will take your questions with us and try to get answers for you and post them on our site.

I just have a question for you. Will you please pick me up a BenQ DW1625A while you are there? :bow: And maybe one for Torsten too. :iagree:

Ask BenQ if they will give the 1625 all the attributes that the 1620 has now.
(PIE/PIF testing, overspeeded medias…) also will lightscribe “speeds” be upgradable through firmware.

A NEC 3540 would be nice too. But only with a firmware that has support for PI/PIF reporting :iagree:

Well if we are going to dream Liggy, we may as well dream big for the BW1000…
@pchilson- good questions! We are neighbors by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess it’s too difficult to get the right discs for this drive at the moment. Plus my DVD player probably doesn’t support them :sad:

Ask Roxio and Sonic about their software plans, because Sonic has acquired Roxio.

I think Roxio has acquired Sonic :wink:

Ask Lite-ON about the LED issue. Id like to hear what they say about it. Also, ask them why they chose CStJ as the name for the 1653S FW release, breaking from standard hexadecimal notation.


I would like to know if:

LG is going to sell a Super-Multi drive having also DL for the -R/RW format

There are some more new companies with such kind of drives, i.e., supporting
r/rw DVD-RAM

And the obvious question (apart availability of hardware and media), about new formats media prices (Blu-ray and HD DVD).

Tks Vm

Regarding the Blu-ray and HD-DVD technologies:

My concern with these formats is the write speeds… 25Gigs is alot of data to be written with even the current maximum DVD write speeds… CPU’s, Systemboards, Memory and Hard Drives will all need to support much faster data transfers to allow for a decent write speed…

I would like to know what kind of data transfer rates, both reading and writing, they are planning on getting (initially and future) with both these formats… Are they going to use S-ATA or P-ATA for these drives or are they going to adopt/invent newer technology to allow for even faster data transfer rates…

I think most people are more interested in the speed the devices can obtain rather than the amount of storage…

Why doesn’t someone consider marketing a cheap, less than $100, hardrive recorder with management software. A lot of folks want to time shift and have no interest in burning dvds - so it is not necessary to only market units with both in them. I believe there is a market for this product, for sure at my house, if someone will develop a easy to use and catalog system.

Defenatly few questions for KiSS Technology :

1.When they going to stop release unfinished products ? (DP-558 for example after 1/2 a year still does not have all the features promised in manual and extreamly buggy) ?

2.When they stop anounse “support” for something they do not actually support ?
(Nero Digital and internet programming was anounsed as a feature of DP-558 3 month ago , still no sighn of such features …)

3.When their player finally will start to have FF/REW in MP3 and other audio files ? - feature was promised about 2.5 years ago .

4.Same with playlist , just this time 3 years ago .

  1. What about DVD+R DL disks ? No KiSS player can play then :frowning:

  2. What about plasma TV that was supposed to be start sold 2 years ago (shown on all CES and CeBit shows for last 3 years) but still not ready .

  3. What about national lang. filenames support ? they already have subtiotles so fonts are there , why not to take next logical step ?

  4. When DP-6xx series player will REALLY be released (release date shifted from March last year , lask known semi-official date - April this year).

  5. What about firmwares for “older” playes ? DP-450 and DP-50x was not updated for a year m have a lot of bugs and for the last year we only heear “next month” every month…

  6. What about playback of AVI files with “rec-list” feature , current players can’t play them , will it be supported in the future on old players ? on new players ?

  7. What about OGG and WMA sound in AVIs playback ? We already aware that it’s a hardware limitation for older players , but what about DP-558 and DP-1100 that have more RAM and more powerfull CPU ?

Ask Plextor, LG, Lite-on, NEC, and BenQ if they will (or even if its possible) to one day allow RAW writing on their DVD writers.

Also ask Plextor if they would one day allow the DVD writer (I forget the model #) that utilizes Varirec to let 3rd party softwares use the technology, similar to how the Plextor Premium can be utilized by Blindwrite, etc.

And tell Plextor to lower their prices. :wink:

Ask NEC when they have some PI/PO scans on their DVD burners.

Please ask Plextor, NEC and Pioneer if I can have some free burners. Maybe a HD-DVD and a BlueRay drive?
Would also like some free media, especially 8x DVD+RW and some DVD+R DL.

Oh, wait, that’s Christmas I’m thinking about. :rolleyes:

Ask if NEC can add or will add dvd-R9 for the ND-3500AG

Please ask all companies listed (besides Pioneer i suppose) if they will support DVD-R9 or DVD-R DL in the near future, or if at all. Also if they could indicate if it will simply be firmware upgrade or entirely new models.

Could you please tell all these companies to stop producing drives that are obsolete the moment they are made. Could you please tell them to design the best drive, with the most features, with the fastest read and write speeds, capable of reading and writing to the most media and once done to stop making better drives for five years or so. The benefits to the environment alone would be unquantifiable and to us consumers a great saving on the pocketbook.

All i want to know…

Will they ever make dvd raw dao?