CD Freaks @ Cebit 2004

Company: Plextor

Question: First let me congratulate Plextor for being the first to announce and later release a drive with top features like 12x DVD+R, 8Mb Cache and SATA :slight_smile:
But since dual layer burners are already also announced and expected to be released short after PX-712A what is Plextor strategy:
PX-712A will have a short life, soon replaced?
PX-712A will get more features by firmware update?

Questions for KiSS about their newly anounsed DP-60x DivX players (new Sigma EM8620L chip) :

  1. Are they going to add OGM (and OGG in AVIs support) in to the players ?

  2. What OS it will be running ? Still Linux as previouse ?
    (new Sigma chip Allows Linux and Windows)

  3. What amount of RAM will be in this players ?
    (new Sigma chip can have up to 64MB)

  4. What CPU they will use in addition to Sigma video processor ? And what Mhz ?
    (They can use x86 , ARM or MIPS)

5.Will they add DivX Audio/WMA2 support in AVI files ?

  1. Will they add Matroska (.MKT) support ?

7.Will they support multilang. file names and DivX subtitles ?

  1. Will old ASF format be also supported ?

  2. Will they have transcoding application for this players ?

  3. Will it be able to stream video from the internet like current KiSS players do with the audio ? If yes what formats MS or RealMedia too ?

  4. Will they have DVI output ?

  5. Will they support HighMat “out of the box” , not in “future updates” ?

  6. Will they have ANALOGUE audio 5.1 output ?

  7. Will they have SCART bypass (SCART input that bypass signal to SCART output when player in stand-by mode) ?

  8. Will they support MP4 file format ?

  9. If they will support OGM or/and MTK will they support “built-in” into this files subtitles ?

  10. Chip support DVD Audio , will player support/play it ? What about SACD ?

  11. What is the amount of flash memory (for firmware) gona be on this players (DP-500 already have “eaten” it’s 4MB almost fully) ?

Why is limited at 4x burning on dvd-r
will be available an firmware upgrade to allow 8x as Pioneer does



Why doenst there instant copy program supprts outside encoders like CCE.

Originally posted by RDJ

Why doenst there instant copy program supprts outside encoders like CCE. [/B]

Good question! Same thing goes for Nero Recode!

All optical drive manufacturers

Do they complain about CDs that deviate from the colored book standards? I don’t want to have to disconnect a well-known brand burner just to play a game. Why can’t I play Red Book audio in my PC?

Plextor: With the company trying to follow market tendencies, will there be more regular updates to the firmwares of their burners to cope with new media and (surely more important) with the declining quality of well-known manufacturers’ media?
It is no fun burning media at 24x allthough the manufacturer states 48x.


what was really changed on the writer you’ve showned burning dual layer? was it really just a DVR-106 with a different firmware or something else was modified?
if only firware, will the owners of 106 and 107 drives gonna have a firmware for burning dual layer by the time 109 is released?

Thanks everyone for all the questions. We have noted all of them and we will try to get an answer for you and report back!