CD Freaks brings you the ads of next week, right now!

I just posted the article CD Freaks brings you the ads of next week, right now!.

Some of you might already be loyal readers of the ‘next
week ads’ threads which are every week something to lookout for. These threads
are started by ripit a well respected…

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I, for one Believe RIPIT RULES!:slight_smile:
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Appreciation much deserved! Thank you ripit.

Nice to see this up on the front page. Many props to Ripit and everyone else that contributes

Yes, ripit does a fantastic service, although it also leads to many drooling over great deals on media, burners… :B :wink: This type of publicity should direct more to check out those ads–especially since my local paper rarely has only a few of the ones it should carry. So especially for people like me, this fills in the ‘gaps’ and is very helpful. :B

This is nice to see all year, not jusst Black friday:X