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Here’s another game we can all join in on. Here’s how it works… I start with a sentence. The next person adds another sentence to mine and so on and so forth. The story unfolds as we all add to it.

For example, my post would start: As Billy entered the room he noticed someone.

Then the next post would go: He yelled, “Who are you?!”

Get the idea? Let’s try it! I’ll start with…

Throughout the night a long, steady rain bore down on an old, beat up car, parked just outside of a bar.


There was a sign behind the window of the car, saying “purple dildo’s for sale”.


As one of the locals passed by, they wrote down …“USED” in front of the sign.


Immediately thereafter, a women got out of the car with a very satisfied look on her face.


She looked happy, a minute later another woman came out of the car.

(Does it have to be sexual?)


but relized the local police department just pulled up, and asked what was going on.

wasnt intending for it to be, but what ever floats people’s boat i guess :bigsmile:


“You heard about those stolen cows?”, farmer Bob said, passing by on his tractor.


“No, I wonder who would do such a thing?” said the policeman.


“Funny thing was all the purple dildo’s out in the field. I’d say those cows had one hell of a time last night. The Bull’s, however, looked none to pleased.” said farmer Bob


“How kinky” said the police officer.


“And the Mets”, said cousin Ted “How did they do last weekend?”. Everyone laughed at Ted.


Ted felt so small, everybody was laughing at him, it wasnt his fault he had no body.


“Damn! why did my mother used softanon during her pregnancy” he asked himself…


but alas Ted had to accept what was and move on to the next task in his life which was…


Fetching new batteries for his purple dildo…


which was something that ted knew was a process that had to be accomplished before he…


Ran into his new date, there he stood trying to explain the purple dildos, batteries, cows and cops.


Ofcourse ted had no explanation so he just told her that…


He had no clue how to even begin to explain the debauchery that presented itself.


All this time the police officer had such a confused look on his face as he was writing in his black book. At this same moment, one of the women that was previously in the car got a really good idea.