CD Freaks Article -The SuperAudio CD (SACD) explained

I just posted the article CD Freaks Article -The SuperAudio CD (SACD) explained.

Today we have added another article in our database. The topic is the The SuperAudio CD (SACD) from Philips and Sony. This new format is relatively unknown but perhaps a successor of the CD format…

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“SOUNDS” Excellent!!! :d

SACD definitely is NOT a crap-like solution. Before I knew about SACD, I didn’t think anything could easily beat my Krell CD Player. Well, that was until I got an entry level Sony SACD player. It turned my 10+ year experience in audiophile upside down! It beats the Krell, which cost 20 times as much, any day! I get closer to ‘live’ music with SACD esp. with the programs that were recorded using DSD technique. If anyone wants to try out SACD, I would suggest you get a Sony CE-775 SACD player. For $200, it will bring you to a total new experience. The sampling rate of DSD is 2.8 Mhz. That figure is equivalent to 96 khz PCM sampling rate employed by DVD-Audio. Basically, you can not directly compare DSD and PCM sampling rates. They are based on two very different algorithm.

DVDA will leave SACD stone dead.