CD Freaks article: The DVD format war - Should you go plus or minus?



I just posted the article CD Freaks article: The DVD format war - Should you go plus or minus?.

If you have been in the market
for a DVD recorder lately, you will likely have noticed that you will have the
choice between two different DVD recordable formats and a dual format…

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What about DVD-RAM? :stuck_out_tongue:


i was thinking 'bout the same thing since i read the title :+


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Well, my standalone player doesn’t do -R, so I’m forced to go for +R. I think I’ll buy an ±! :wink:


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DVD-Ram is obsolete since RW arrived. I like that we have the choice between two standards instead of a water downed format.


probably you guess right: that’s why i clicked once again, as i thought the posting wasn’t submitted.


i do not agree at all! i think that dvd-ram is the only real (working) dvd-recordable option, as it offers most options and it is much more versatile than + and -, and ain’t this the meaning of that misterious “v” form “dvd”? p.s. i was talking about recording from/for the TV; i fully agree that it is not that useful for PC recordings…


One problem with DVD-R(W) formats is that most DVD-ROMs will only read these discs at a fraction of the speed of a DVD-ROM disc. I posted a Nero CD speed graph of my Samsung SD-616Q reading a DVD-R: The ‘+’ burner drives have an option to mark +R and +RW media as DVD-ROM media, to make DVD-ROM drives treat the media as DVD-ROM media. I have seen a few forums say that many drives such as Pioneer will read DVD+R at the full speed of DVD-ROM media, where as they will only read DVD-R media at the reduced speed :wink: To avoid any problems with one format becoming standard, I’m thinking of getting an NEC 1300, which can write both +/-R media at 4x and +/-RW at 2.4x :stuck_out_tongue:
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OK, it seems like there is a need to refresh everybody’s memory about minus and plus. Technical differences: VERY little between DVD-R and DVD+R. However several independent tests show that approximately 83 out of 100 standalone player can read a DVD movie recorded on DVD+R instead of DVD-R’s 71 out of a hundred. Well here you satisfy another 10 users (consumers) out of 100. For DVD-RW and DVD+RW however, the DVD+RW was especially designed for home video recording, it features lossless linking, which makes such recordings easier, more efficient and more compatible. Speed differences: DVD-R and DVD-RW seems to be one step ahead of speed increases over the plus formats, probably since it’s a few years OLDER (did you all get that one - OLDER) technology. Hopefully plus will catch up one of these days. Price and Availability: Minus blanks are more widely available and cheaper at the moment. Plus NEEDS to do something about this if they want a better foothold. Supporters: Minus Formats - Pioneer and Apple Plus Formats - HP, Phillips, Ricoh, Sony, Thompson, Yamaha and sigh Microsoft, and because of the latter monopolist this format will probably prevail. For myself, I’ll support the Plus formats since it’s a more mature and consumer friendly format.


Ops, sorry wrong word in last sentence of my last post. Should have read: For myself, I’ll support the Plus formats since it’s newer and consumer friendly format.


My stand alone Toshiba only seems to read -R.