CD Freaks and VSO Software introduce BurnStats Preview

VSO has given us acccess to a large amount of support data, which we can use to generate statistics about burners and MID codes. We are currently testing pages where also display this information (per burner, and a general overview will be released later).

The following information is available to us:

[li] The VSO software that has submitted this information, and it’s version number (ex: “C3” for CopyToDVD)
[/li][li] The burning device manufacturer and model string (ex: “PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108”)
[/li][li] The firmware revision of the burning device (ex: “1.18”)
[/li][li] The inserted media identification string (ex: “RICOHJPN-W01-01”, a ricoh DVD+RW media)
[/li][li] A unique identifier for the media (a hash string, which differ for each series of media. this help to find out if media is fake of good quality brand)
[/li][li] Media Kind (a numeric code representing the type of media DVD-R, DVD+R, …)
[/li][li] Logical Write Speed (The information returned by the drive)
[/li][li] Burn Size (size in sectors of the data to be burned)
[/li][li] Written Size (size in sectors of the data effectively burned)
[/li][li] Burn Date (When it’s been burned)
[/li][li] Completion Time (Time to burn, from start of lead-in to start of lead- out, with Written Size will give us the real writing speed)
[/li][li] Status (a code indicating everything went ok, or in case of error, what kind of error occurred)

Attached an image of how it could look like and were are very interested in your feedback:

[li] Do you think this information is useful? We understand that there are limitations, but there is such a huge amount of data that we think it’s pretty reliable
[/li][li] Is there anything you think we should really list as well?
[/li][li] Do you understand the meaning of the data?

Of course any other feedback is much appreciated it as well.


  1. Yes, the information is useful (I know how many people choose to use this drive, and the success rate of burning, etc…)

  2. I don’t think there is other extra info I need yet…

  3. Sure I understood :slight_smile:

Thanks for the work again.

Good idea!!!

I like Copy2DVD4 as well due to the info on the log but depressed at the 20x write speeds with the leadin and lead out only.

As a Gold Member of VSO I am really happy about this.

Excuse my ignorance, but where did the BurnStats go?

I found the burn stats in a cached version from Google:
Google cache of page

But It’s not on the real page anymore: