CD Freakers Opinion display

  1. Full URL -

  2. Explanation - On the Main page there is a panel which allows the reader to vote on 2 pieces of software that cycle. Currently this is Nero 7 Reloaded and AnyDVD.

If you view the page it shows both as 0% from 0 ratings, untill you click on the ‘Vote’ buttons. Then this changes to a percentage based on a number of votes for that cycle only to return to 0% on the next cycle. The behavior is displayed again after returning to the tab in which that page was displayed from another tab

  1. Browser – FireFox

  2. Bug – Error in the rendering/display of the poll results

  3. Error – none shown

Thanks! The ‘showcase’, which we call it, does indeed not completely work yet. Some issues still have to be resolved, but they are not easy to fix unfortunately. We will come back to this asap!