CD Files appear as IE Shortcuts

I’m gonna toss this notebook out if I don’t figure out what’s causing this. All the files that appear on any CD show up as IE shortcuts. If I log in as Administrator, then there’s no problem. Attached is a screenshot.

I did an extensive search on this forum and other forums, without results. I tried TweakUI restore icons, which worked. But after I restarted, it was back to shortcuts again. Any ideas? :frowning:

it is a matter of personal settings in your current profile

try open with (select the related program ) and check allways open with
In case it doesn’t work create a new user and import your relevant settings and file

Errors like this have nothing to do with your hardware equipment

Thanks for your reply. I never got a chance to try it, as I chose to reformat the notebook back then. I understand it’s not a hardware problem but it was frustrating enough for me to harm the notebook. :slight_smile:

Even so, since it was happening to folders, there is no “Open With…” option in the right-click menu. They appeared correctly in other user accounts though, so the fix may have been as easy as creating a new account.

I have the same problem. It happened just recently. When I put any kind of cd in the drive (audio, data…) the cd doesn’t autoplay or give me the prompt where I would normally choose what to do. When I click on CD-Drive properties the cd appears as 0 bytes used and 0 remaining.

I can browse the cd but all files and folders appear as IE icons. I tried the “new user” approach but I have the same problem. Are there any other solutions. Could it be some kind of software conflict?


the problem is actually in the IE and using large icons (48 pixels). The solution is either turn off large icons (right click on desktop -> properties -> appearance -> effects -> tick off large icons) or change the size to 47 or 49 or any other number of pixels (right click on desktop -> properties -> appearance -> advanced -> select Icon from combo box -> change the value of size).