CD Feaks in Dutch press

I just posted the article CD Feaks in Dutch press….

CD Feaks has been featured in a Dutch article about burning CD’s. In this article, some sites that you are probably also familiar with, are also noticed. The article was written in a large morning…

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This looks like an article on Daily Mirror about finding porn online

Yeaaah Baby
that was nice!
ik kreeg er een kick van

Can anyone translate this for us english folks please?


Hey, the piece is just 2 large 2 translate… sorry guys…

The article:
They where just saying that it was to easy to make a péªrfectly copy of disks!
First we download an ISO then we go to cdcovercentral and have the layout!
or when we have the original game of a friend we can go to and crack the game !
because all of that the factories have a lot of lost money!I was just kicking on that report!

Yeah wright…those stupid fucks…they spelled the adress wrong!!!
what the hell is
were is the fuck’in R

I’ll translate it for you if you want

Please do translate.

It seems like it would be worthwhile reading.

Thanks in advance!

Hi all! I was bored, so I thought: what the ****, let’s help all those english-speaking guys out a little! Following is the full translation of the article, except for the provided URLS (you can read them in the article yourself !

Burning cd’s… it’s not allowed, but it can be done.

The internet has caused a problem for companies: copying software and music (from cd’s) has become very easy for the end-user. Net Magazine investigated what happens in the dark world of copied cd’s.

A good cdr-drive doesn’t have to be expensive. Game- and recordcompanies have to face the financial results of this. Sometimes you can even find new games on the internet before you can officially buy them. Here people can download, copy and sometimes sell them for about 10% of the official retail-price.
All these games circulate in the socalled - underground - ISO-scene. They got their name from the extension .iso, which are files in which you can store entire cd’s for backup. You can use many programs to create a cd out of an iso file. It’t easy to upload such a file to an FTP-server on the internet, allowing others to download it.
Not only games, but also entire movies circulate in the ISO-scene, even though they are usually not stored in .iso-format, but in .mpg-format. You can also download these long before you can officially buy them. And not only through FTP-sites, but also on f.e. Hotline (

Nowadays, some cd’s are protected against illegal copying, but once again, the internet provides the solution for (illegal) copying. The games in the ISO-scene are often provided with a patch, usually a fixed .exe-file, which allows everybody to burn the game to a cd from their harddrive. GameCopyWorld ( is a website that provides a lot of information on this subject.
Someone who has copied a cd, also wants a nice cd-cover to go with it. And yes, once again, the internet is a great source. You can find covers for just about every game or software-cd. And they’re not hard to find: Mega-Search ( is a search engine designed especially for cover-searching.
MP3-files can be burned on a cd-r as audiofiles, so you can create your own audio-cd’s. Musicians, record-companies and software-developers are ‘not amused’. The illegal copying is costing them big money. On the UMAC site, United Musicians Against Copying (, you can find more information on the idea of banning piracy. Will they succeed? Probably not; the internet is once again turning the world up-side-down.

"Net Magazine investigated what happens in the dark world of copied cd’s."
This sounds so nice


Well a big ‘thank you’ to Dutch guy !

Regarding piracy! u can buy a Music cd for less than a dollar in SouthEast Asia. some sell XXX movies in VCD formay for US$ 3.00. very cheap heehehe