CD-Extra with Nero+Win2000 Professional



Hey guys, I’m trying to figure out how to do a CD-Extra (AKA Enhanced CD, a cd with music as well as computer data). I’ve tried WinonCD, that didn’t work, I’m using nero now, I tried it already, I did 13 tracks of music and a 150 meg file… it worked fine except it put the data on the first track of the first session, showing 14 tracks on the CD player. In my exprience, the data’s supposed to be the FIRST track of the SECOND session. The problem I’m having, basically, is Nero’s burning the data as the first track AND in the first session.

I’ve tried multisession also, (ISO9660/Joliet) but it won’t do music as the first session, only sessions of data.

I’ve also tried creating a music cd, but NOT closed the disc, it plays fine in the cd player AND Nero reports that the disc is still open, with a bunch of space left, but I can’t get it to add a session…

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Have you tried CloneCD? That worked for one of my CD extra’s!



in Nero select start multisession disc, don’t finalize.

You should be able to add more data afterwards.

I always use CDR-WIN for the audiopart and ANY application for the data part.

The Data track should be mode 2/XA.