CD Extra using cue sheet

Hi there, i’ve been driving myself crazy trying to get this to work, so hopefully someone can shed some light.

I’m creating a CD Extra for a band. I have the cue sheet written to read from the wave file. (There is some hidden audio before the first track starts, as well as audio running into the 2 second pauses.)

I cannot find a way to burn this as the first session, then burn the data (a flash projector with videos/pics e.t.c.) as a second session.

I have tried using Nero, Fireburner, CDRwin e.t.c… to no avail. Each time I burn from the cue sheet, the applications tell me I cannot write any more onto the CD.

Is there something i’m not doing?

The audio cue sheet is as follows…

FILE "audio_master.wav" WAVE
    INDEX 00 00:00:00
    INDEX 01 00:24:40
    INDEX 00 01:41:49
    INDEX 01 01:43:48
    INDEX 00 06:04:05
    INDEX 01 06:06:04
    INDEX 00 10:22:43
    INDEX 01 10:24:42
    INDEX 00 14:57:03
    INDEX 01 14:59:03


Is it something with the start of the first index?
There must be a gap before the 1st track, AFAIK.

As far as I know it must be between 2 and 3 seconds. (At least that’s what Nero tells you)

Yep, at least 2secs to fulfil the Read Book CDDA Specs. lol

Hi, thanks for the replies.

I don’t think I made it as clear as it sounded in my head :doh:

The first track on the CD is about 1 minute 19, if you rewind the cd by about 20 seconds, you hear a secret track… which obviously doesn’t play unless rewinded. The cue sheet is valid to Redbook standard (checked in Steinberg WaveLab)

That’s not what the question is, however. After burning the audio from the cue sheet, I can’t burn another session as data to create the CD Extra. At least not in any application I can find! But there must be a way!

Sorry for the confusion

The problem is that most applications will “close the disc” after writing a cue sheet+image file. Basically, you need it to stay as an open multi-session disc after writing the audio part.

Why don’t u just use Nero & create a new “CD Extra” mastering project. But, probably, I think u want to be able to cut the single wave file into separate tracks, that’s why u r using a cue sheet right?

I havn’t used much of the recent writing software out there, but did come across the trial version of Alcohol, which has an option of “Don’t close the last session of current disc”. This needs to be ticked when u write the cue sheet+image file. After, you then need to use Nero or some thing similar to continue the multi-session part for the data, but, by using a new CDROM(ISO) mastering project. I’m not even sure if it allows you to continue a multi-session disc with first session as audio - u can sure try.

Like always, Truman is correct.

The problem is with closing the DAO/SAO disc/session here.

doesn’t nero7 have an option in the expert tab to disable the finalization after writing an image? does ‘image’ include a cue sheet + wave?

Thx chef, I know that u all knew this, but thought that no one was going to answer it, so I did :slight_smile:

I suppose not quite, but at least the writing software will treat it in the same way.

I faced that problem some time ago, and I found a nice costless solution.
Provided your burner is supported by Exact Audio Copy (EAC), you can use its burning engine to burn the CUE/WAV onto the CD (Tools -> Write CD-R).

Be sure to select “Leave Disc Open” as option before starting the burn:

EAC actually does not close the disc in that way, as we’ll see in a while. :slight_smile:
Now you can use the good (and freeware) CDBurnerXP Pro to burn the data as you do with an ordinary, empty CD.

On the CD burned by EAC, the Disc Info options reports the following:

As you can check, the disc has two sessione, it is actually open and the remaining space is correct.

Using the standard profile for data CD, drag and drop the files in the remaining empty session (you see the space occupied by the two sessions in different colors):

Then finally burn, just check that the “Finalize Disc” option is switched is ON this time. :wink:

You’re done. Checking the result with i.e. IsoBuster, you get:

which is the desired result.

Hope this helps,


Thanks so much for your help everyone!

eltranquil that worked perfectally! Thank you!

Now to see if the duplicators will dupe the CD+ properly :rolleyes: