CD Extra on DVD media

Hello everyone, I’ve got a bit of an unusual situation. Don’t know how to go about solving this.

I’m trying to create a CD Extra (which is essentially a normal audio CD that plays let’s say in your car, but also has other files like PDF and these you can access when you access the CD on the computer).

I’ve been able to get this done with Nero Burning-ROM. Just chose the CD Extra.

The problem I’m having is that I need to burn this on DVD media (not CD), because the factory won’t give us Amory cases with CD, they can give only Jewel cases. So to get Amory cases, I need to burn on DVD.

Problem is, how to get the CD Extra setup to burn on DVD. Nero will allow it to burn to CD only :frowning: Is there a way to get this same CD Extra concept on DVD media? Any help is appreciated.

I don’t see how you can do this personally. A cd player uses a different type of laser to read a cd than is used for a dvd. It simply won’t recognize the disk.

DVD players/burners have two separate lasers, one for cds, the other for dvds.

Thanks for clarifying that. OK then, let’s say I want it to work on a computer only. I want it to be treated as an “Extra” (audio plays as soon as the DVD is inserted, and user can access the PDF by navigating), how do I go about doing that. Seems that Nero Burning Rom will only burn onto CD with this CD-Extra format.

You can probably do this by creating some sort of ‘autorun’ setup on the DVD you make. The autorun will need to launch an audio player and give it a list of files to play (mp3s for example). The user can always just browse the disc for the PDF. Just use Google and search for ‘how to create autorun DVD’. Maybe this will get you going.

The above won’t work for some people (like me) that have autorun turned off.


That will only work when autorun is enabled…