CD Extra ok to CD-RW but not CD-R

Hi CD Freakers, someone suggested I try over here for help, so I signed up and here is my first post - a help request!

This is really weird and is driving me nuts:

If I write a CD Extra to a CD-RW and then load it in Explorer it just shows the data as it should, no CDA, and the disc plays as a CD audio in a standalone, fine.

If I then pop in a CD-R in the same open Nero session, change nothing, write at the same 10x speed as the CD-RW, on completion Explorer shows the CDA tracks, no sign of the data anywhere, gone, poof!

Am I doing something really stoopid here?
Using Nero Burning Rom 6 vsn

Thanks for any suggestions :confused:

Hi and Welcome!

you might update to Nero at first. This is a free update. Maybe that helps with your problem.


Thanks for that, I was hopeful as I had been getting some weird failures the past few weeks on exiting Nero, so should have tried reinstalling if nothing else.

Ran the upgrade but still the same. Thanks anyway.

Maybe try Nero7 next but have seen some bad reports about it having become overbloatedware…

Turns out the culprit was my old Pioneer DVD-106S reader, a second drive which I originally put in many moons ago so that I could do ‘on-the-fly’ DVD copying to my Pioneer writer.
The red herring was that the DVD-RWs were reading ok on the DVD-106S, but not anywhere else I later found.
The CD EXtras CDs I had written and assumed were duff, all turned out to be perfect once I tried them on other drives.
The writer has gone through several generations from the original 2x DVR-104 to the latest DVR-112D, while the reader has been ignored, but it is now on its way to the skip.