CD extra info in Nero Rom ... cant see anything from PC [i'm not newbie but ...]

Hello audio pro’s!

I have no idea what i do wrong… this could be copy right issue thought.
I have latest Nero Enterprise with all the plug-in’s enabled (@least i do not know any plugin what i do not have 4 nero). Anyway, the Nero Express is so limited for CD burning, so i use the Nero Rom. I enter for CD & every track information. But still, after the CD is ready & i place it to the computer everything i see is “unknown album” & “track 1, track 2…” etc. … i know there should be a way to get it right, because i have had (original) audio CD’s where all the pictures & track names show up from media player (even if i do not connect the internet). + the lyrics & stuff. If CD text enabled stereo is able to read the info, why computer cant? It’s all because RIAA right [no i do not start to burn these CD’s for marketing] LOL ? Anyway, is there some special CD burning application for that?

I uploaded here some screen shots what may help ya:
user: public & pass: waffa

Thank You!

has nothing to do with RIAA. it is NERO, and it’s 2 data folders for cd extra that hide the 2nd session data inside those folders. if you use Veritas Recordnow DX 4.6 in Mixed-Mode option you will have great success…like i always do :slight_smile:

Thank You so much, i go and give a try 2 Veritas Recordnow DX 4.6 now!
: )

ohh… most ratings are 1 out of 10 for this one… so i should look the older version of Sonic/veritas burner?

lol, i have been looking all ower :smiley:

lol… i think Sonico buy the Veritas or something…