CD exploding in my Benq DW1620a

Yesterday, I wanted to rip a cd to my HD using EAC. It was a little bit scratched CD - EAC had some sifficiulties. Then. I heard a weird noise from my BenQ DW1620a. EAC freezes, and with ImgBurn I finally could open the tray. The tray was a little bit stuck after 3 centimeters, but that was enough to see little pieces inside the drive - so the CD exploded.
My questions:

  1. Is it possible to clean the drive? I read some stories on this board from people which had also exploding CD’s, but most of the time those CD’s were flying out the drive. My drive was strong enough so all the pieces are inside

  2. Is this a warranty issue? I have this drive for one and a half year now, and BenQ gives two years of warranty. But is this a drive’s problem, or a really bad CD?

I have had this happen to me, but it was due to cheap media. Fortunatly, nothing was damaged inside the drive.
The drive was out of warranty, so I felt I had nothing to lose.
Had it still been under warranty, I would have tried to get it fixed or replaced.
If your disk wasn’t obviously cracked , it possibly failed due to a drive malfunction.
I would give the warranty a shot before I broke the seal on the case. (voiding warranty)

If I shake the drive a little bit, I hear a lot of pieces. So definitly, I need to break the warranty if I want to clean the drive myself. But I’m going to e-mail BenQ, I hope I get a new one.

Yes, that’s how mine was too. Saying that it blew up is no understatement.
Much of the debris was very small, and would not have come out without splitting the enclosure.
Hope everything works out with it. :slight_smile:

Your new drive will be a DQ60 :Z CAll BenQ your email will take several days before anyone will even reply, sorry I can’t find the number right now.

I wouldn’t settle for that drive…no way :disagree:

Try 1-866-600-2367 :bigsmile:

Yeah, that’s the correct number(866)600-2367. Request an RMA. I called in to replace my DW1625, which had a defective LightScribe after 3 labels, and they sent me a new DW1655. Don’t worry, BenQ is really great when it comes to replacements under warranty!

I wrote about the new BenQ drive in my blogs. Check it out at:

Thanks for all your comments! However, I live in The Netherlands, so I have to search another number on their website. Tomorrow I will call them, after I’ve found their number on their website.

Sorry about that. Your location isn’t listed. :frowning:

what did it sound like? Or did it not make any unusual sounds?

You don’t need to apologize :-). I’m glad you help me.

It was not a very weird sound, it sounded like something broke, just for a moment.