CD Errors - best util to check for them?


As regards general CD errors due to bad media or a duff writer, what is the best util to check for errors?

I often do a command prompt binary compare where data is concerned and I have used the Nero Cd-Speed CD-Quality check as well. Are these checks good enough to check for C2 errors (apparently we cannot check for C1 errors whatever these C1/C2 things are).

Do they give a good indication of media as regards written integrity or is there a better way?

Many thanks.


I believe CDR Diagnostic can do the trick…

i read somewhere feuriiio has an option which works well, although i don’t have the software :o


Got a new batch of DiscRite 80min discs and I seem to have a problem with some burns i.e. they are slow to be accessed near the end in the Plextor but slightly faster in a normal cdrom drive.

A surface test using Nero CD-Speed goes fine until the last burnt smidgen of data and shows this as unreadable! - if I play the DivX file it plays fine and if I do a binary file compare with the originals they are perfect - what gives.

Maybe the new batch of media is duff near the outer rim, although the cd’s are only finalised and not overburnt above the nominal 702MB’s (or theeabouts).

Why does the data verify using a binary file compare but Nero CD-quality check / surface test show an error near the end and claim some data was unreadalbe (used area only)?

Many thanks - I am worried now!