Cd encoding decoding source ansi-c code


at the moment I am building an embedded application which requires cd block-decoding for CD-DA, CD-ROM Mode1 and Mode2. With the help of a encoder in ansi-c, I would like to develop the decoder. Does anybody has any experience with the ansi-c version (edc_ecc.c) by Heiko Eissfeldt, Joerg Schilling? I have found an older version of the 19th of November 2002. The decoder is not implemented yet. Also I have the feeling that it actually only supports mode1. CD-DA- and mode2- encoding are not really functional.

Has anyone any experience with this or can give me hints where to get similar c-code?


probably I have posted this in the wrong forum. :frowning: Can anyone give me a hint, if or which forum would be appropiate?