Cd emulator



i need a cd emulator that read .bin file.
so far the only emulator software i found that reads .bin files is Original CD Emulator. I've been looking for weeks trying to find ahem, help us keep this place safe and enjoyable for everyone, please read the rules:cop:

Or if you know of any other cd emulator software that reads .bin files please let me know.

so far virutal cd and paragon cd emulator does not read bin files.




perhaps deamon tools can do the job?


Yup, Daemon Tools will do it, just select all files from the list and open your bin file :wink:


you can also try fantom cd…


I used Fantom CD a month ago, and ended up bugs & problems, also it is shareware, also if it weren’t for GoBack, I will need to reformat :frowning:


I would go or daemon tools i have been using it for ages and ages with no problems at all and it is free with no annoyances like some freeware. Personally i think it is well worth a small donation to the author though :slight_smile: