CD emulation software for libraries

I have started to work for a public library, and we seriously need a cd/dvd tower, but there’s no money for that, so I thought in using cd emulation software in one of our pcs.

I need it to be:

  • Free. We have already run out of money for this year.
  • To support as many virtual drives as possible.
  • If it includes additional network share functions, it will be really useful.

I was looking Virtual CD 6, but 25 licences with network support goes for 799€, and as I said, we can’t afford it now. I will also prefer to use free or better open source software to be able to claim to my country administration it’s a good solution :wink:

Sorry for my bas english and thanks for your atention.

daemon tools would probably work for you. it’s donationware (I think) and that means you pay as much as you want.

Only four drives emulated :frowning: If it was able to emulate more drives, it would be already installed :wink:

It might be a good idea to check out “Daemon tools”. As far as I can remember it can only handle 4 virtual drives, but maybe you can overcome it with the use of “daemon-script”. I don’t know about its network capabilities though. Also, I can’t really remember about the license issues for the programs, but they’re both free for private users.

I have made some tries with it, but I’m afraid it will not cover the needs of the library :frowning:

Anyway, I still love Daemon Tools for home usage :wink:

Virtual drive Creator pro allows you to create 26 virtual drives and is only 14.95

an earlier non pro version is listed as freeware

Thanks a ot for the info, will try it as soon as possible.