CD dye is type '9'

CD Speed says my CD dye is type ‘9’ …other is type ‘5’ …what does these mean?
Is one of them phtalocyanide and the other cyanide ?

Cyanide is something else and worse :stuck_out_tongue:

DYE type 0-4 is cyanine or AZO which is long strategy. Long strategy means your writer need to have the laser swithched on longer to get the correct pit size. Cyanine type discs is slowly disappearing now, but they may still work better with some older writers (4X and older)

DYE type 5-9 is phthalocyanine which is short strategy. Short strategy means that the laser have to be on for a shorter time to get the correct pit size. Better lifespan, reflectivity and compatibility. Works better than cyanine at high speeds but may have problems with some old writers due to the writers not knowing the right write strategy for these new discs.

So which dye is better? 5 or 9 ?

I really don’t know.

Depends on the manufacturer.

Dye type 9 is much used by Prodisc(is your disc manufactured by prodisc?) which is good quality

DYE type 5? May be ritek? If it is ritek the quality is ok, but ritek type 7 discs is better.

Interesting about dyes, OC. I found a webpage that showed which dye types were used by various manufacturers but the list must have been out of date. It said CMC Magnetics (A manufacturer you hate) made type ‘0’. The current CDRs I have were made by CMC but they are type ‘6’. Was it the type ‘0’ CMC Magnetics that won them a place on your ‘Worst’ list?