CD/DVDSpeed +DiscSpeed (Cheats)

Hi :slight_smile:
It has come to my notice that you can alter the ‘success’ of either a TRT or a Disc Quality.
If after inserting disc you do a Burst rate test first, then followed by a TRT. It is often minus the spider crawl so typical of the later generation Lite-Ons. Where speed starts at say 4x & works up to 7x fairly rapidly.
By doing a Burst rate test 1st you often eliminate this affect totally.
If after doing these two tests, you then run a Disc Quality test. (Sticking with 20x Lite-Ons). The initial spike giving ‘false negatives’ seemingly common to these 20x drives tends to be absent. This can see the QS rise from as low as 84% to more like 95%.
This may be as a result of the disc bedding in. Not a fact but a suspicion.
I also believe that Jitter reported by genuine BenQs appear to have become somewhat more diverse than before.
I have no idea why this would happen.
Unless CD/DVDSpeed is getting more accurate or my drives performance falling off rapidly.
Or both. :Z

The trick with the Burst Rate test is fairly obvious as you want the drive spinning at high RPM before starting the TRT :iagree: . As to this having an influence on 8x scanning, I don’t believe so. These were done immediately following a BR and TRT :slight_smile: :doh:

I don’t know if the following is relevant because I use a Lite-On DVD ROM, not a burner, to perform tests. It’s a 16P1S.

This drive also shows the “spider crawl” at the beginning of TRTs.

Well, the workaround I found was even simpler than the ones mentioned above: I just start a TRT, stop it as soon as I hear that the drive has reached a comfortble speed (takes 10-12 seconds), and re-launch it. :cool:

The strange thing is that this can’t be achieved by simply increasing the spin-up time, which kinda baffles me. :confused:

I do the exact same thing. TRT then once it actually speeds up to the correct speed, I stop and do a quality scan @ 16x. Btw - My liteon combo drive [I]always[/I] spins up no matter what. I don’t know my DVD writers sometimes don’t though :confused:

@ Cressida, I have actually found it does affect 8x scanning. Don’t know why since 8x scans start slower than 4x… then finish at about 8x. But they can definitely be affected if there’s a poor spin up.

On my machines, when I hit the Start button for the quality scan, the drive spins down and starts a new spin-up routine from zero (no matter which speed it’s been spinning at beforehand). Besides, both 8x and 4x scans start at 4x, so I don’t see why it should be different for the 8x scan.

I’m with zebadee on using the F6 Burst Rate for TRT spin-up though as that stops by itself and you can hit F2 immediately, without clicking Stop on the TRT first :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’m pretty sure all drives spin down before the quality scan. They then try to spin up though in the spin up time. If your drive hasn’t done the TRT or Burst rate thing, it sometimes won’t speed up to is designated speed during the spin up time.

To each their own I guess. Just gotta do what works best for yourself :iagree:

Is this something that Erik Deppe is aware of and could fix in the next version?


The copy/save buttons disappear in Vista Aero. When will this be fixed?


zebadee, thanks for the tip! I’ll have to check into it - it wasn’t obvious to me. Thought it was my either my ODD’s or the secondary IDE channel controller acting up under Win XP home SP2, again. If running the burst rate test eliminates the spider crawl, it’ll be much better and faster than uninstalling and rebooting to reinstall the secondary controller. Hope it works.


The copy/save buttons disappear in Vista Aero. When will this be fixed?


Same here - very strange :sad: