Cd / dvds not recognized or seen by drive

I have a problem with a new dvd burner not seeing any disc which is placed in it. My system is an AMD 1.06GHz, 256M, XP pro SP2 with all latest updates to sw. The burner is a sony dru-810A and I’m using the oem nero software. Any disc placed in the burner is not seen. The drive shows up on explorer. You place a disc in the drive and it runs for 30 sec and then stops with no error and without loading or recognizing the disc (both blank media and written, …cdr, cdrom, and dvd+r). I’ve tried removing the driver for the dvd and ide bus; removed nero and reinstalled; moved the drive to a primary and secondary ide bus; made the drive a master, slave and c/s. The drive always shows up in explorer as a dvd-rw, but never shows it loading a disc. I’ve contacted sony storage support twice with no response and am looking for some other ideas. I have not updated my bios or mobo, but am not sure if this would make a difference, and am hesitant to do this. In the bios it shows up as using UDMA 2 ?? cant remember right now, but would this have anything to do with it. I changed it at one point to the same as my cdr burner (mode 4), but this didnt make any difference. Any ideas?


Give the instructions on this page of mine a try:


Test the drive in another computer.

Thanks for the input from eric545 and chef. I tried the registry fix and that didnt work. After dealing with this for a week I took chef’s recommendation and tried it on a computer at work. Same problem as my home system; seems i have a bad dvd burner/laser/…
Sony storage support responded today (took 5 days for their response…not too bad, but not fast enough for me) with a couple of ideas. First was to run an aspi fix from their website and second was to run diags. Of course the diags require seeing the disc which my drive never does.
Anyway, I’m returning the drive and am going to do a little research before purchasing another.