I’m a newbee from the swamplands of Louisiana. Hidee Folks:
I Hope you can help me with my problem.
I’ve just purchased and installed a
(Sony AWQ170A/10 18xDvd=/-RW Dual Layer Drive)
on my CPU w/ WinXp Home edition. When I try to play a DVD it give me a this message (Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer).
I went to MS update to look for a DVD decoder. The site they directed me to is showing DVD decoders that you have to purchase. As far as I could tell I would have to buy a decoder, and maybe something else to copy a DVD and maybe another one for dual layer Drive.
I went to system hardware and it shows that there are 5 drivers that are working fine for that CD-DVD and I’ve checked for updates and there were none.
Thanks in Advance: Karal

Windows XP doesn’t come with a dvd decoder installed. You have to use a third party decoder, most of which are commercial products.

You can watch dvds with certain free media players. I know of a couple. One is VLC:

The other is Media Player Classic:

I’m a little surprised your burner didn’t come with WinDVD or PowerDVD. Did you buy a retail version of the drive?

I purchased it from Eaglebit.Com with no software. On the same order I purchased a Nero 7 Essentials Suite 1 DvD Burning Software w/ Activation code- OEM.
I installed Nero 7, but haven’t tried to burn a DVD yet, until I can get to see the movie. Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it as soon as the holidays are over. Now I know that I’ll have to purchase a decoder…
Again Thanks in Advance.

[QUOTE=Karal304;1963376] Now I know that I’ll have to purchase a decoder…

Not necessarily, if you re-read Kerry’s message - he suggested trying VLC. It’s an excellent player for many media types and also free.

I’d recommend giving that a go, rather than using Media Player. :wink:

I couldn’t find VCL or the other decoder that Kerry mention. I found
Dscaler 5 and it works fine for my DVD movie and also free.
I also tried to copy that DVD and was unable with Nero 7 Essentials
Suite 1 DVD burning software. Nero copies the Movie but will not burn it. Could it be that Sony DVD+/-RW drive wouldn’t Burn a
DVD+RW that I have?. I don’t understand the difference between -RW and +RW
Anyway. If you have anymore advice, Please don’t hesitate.