Cd/dvd writing taking too long time

hai everyone,
i m experiencing a lot of problem in cd or dvd writing.It takes too long to copy a dvd(35 mins) and to write a full dvd it takes 1hr.
So please help me, give me the detailed steps as what to do?

Hello, did you check in device manager (right click on “My PC” -> Hardware -> Device Manager) if your DVD burner is on DMA or PIO transfering mode???. If is in PIO mode that is the problem, so you need to back again into DMA. The solucion is simple: you remove the device of “device manager” reboot PC and will install itself. if that it does not work you can try changing the IDE cables that connect DVD burner with the motherboard. Hope I have helped you.

You might also tell us whether you’re burning from an image or from files on your hard drive or whether you’re trying to copy “on the fly”. If, “on the fly” are source and target drives on the same or different ide channels?