CD/DVD Writer software missing from computer



While trying to play a movie on my enhanced cd, i noticed it wasn’t coming up. I made a check on my computer and found both my dvd writer & cd rom was missing. I’ve tried numerous ways to get it back in service, but nothing is working. In my control panel when i try to add the software it comes up with code 39, corrupted or missing.


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If you’re using XP or Vista, follow the instructions listed here - you might like to back up your Registry, or set a System Restore point beforehand.

There’s also a fix listed for Windows 7 on the same page, though I haven’t tried this as I use XP and Vista.


Thank you Arachne. The Microsoft fix it solved my problem. I did the same thing before I asked for your help, but it kept stopping on the Windows Powershell while running. Tonight it got past the powershell and it stalled on the Windows MSXML 1st time I tryed it. I ran the Fix It 1 more time a little later. It went through & on to repair my problems. :wink: :bow:


Glad it worked in the end! :smiley:

I usually edit the registry manually, I don’t think I ever used the Fixit option. As long as you’ve got some sort of backup (disk image, System Restore, Registry backup or something) it’s usually fine - as long as you follow the instructions to the letter :slight_smile: