CD & DVD writer - both in one system?

can anyone tell me how can I install and make work a cd as well as a dvd writers in one system. I want both of this to work…can you?

Is there any special bus cable that i need to buy?

are both of these devices IDE, SATA or some other kind? If they are IDE, all you need is an 80-wire 40 pin IDE cable to hook them up to. I have both my CD/DVD writers on their separate IDE cable, as I’ve been told this is preferred. It’s worked fine for me, with no problems.

Hi Quema34,

I have only one port in my system. Hope every sytem will have only one port port i.e only one slot for connecting writers!

I just want to know how can i connect these two with one wire?

Am i clear?

and both are IDE only

If you mean you have only one internal bay available or one of the two connections on an IDE cable available to use, then you can only connect one internally. To connect the other, you would need to get an external enclosure for that second IDE drive, then connect it via USB or Firewire port. I know other people have connected many burners in their system with some kind of PCI expansion card, but I’ve never gone that way, so I can’t tell you the specific kind of card to get for that–if I remember that part correctly.