CD/DVD to CD/DVD printing on Epson RX580

My Epson RX580 printer unexpectedly started printing the image from the original CD/DVD off-center (upper right-hand of CD/DVD) and shrunk in size (approximately 3/5ths of original size). See attached image.

I tried resetting to original settings with no success. See attached image of printer settings. I’m questioning the bottom values, i.e. “Best, Auto Fit Page.”

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.

That’s interesting. What software is that? It doesn’t look like the Epson PrintCD program.

In any case, I’d say that a complete re-install of printer driver and software is indicated.

Edit: Is that the printer’s LCD display? Seems like that should be bypassed by using your PC for print settings.

Ref: CDan post.

There is no software involved, just firmware. The RX580 printer allows direct copying of printed side of a CD/DVD by placing it face down on the scan glass and placing a printable CD/DVD in the special print holder which inserts into the paper path of the printer. The printer has the latest firmware drivers.

It image is of the printer’s LCD display. The printer is not connected to the PC in that there is no requirement to use this capability.

The printer did print correctly when it was purchased in 2007. It only recently started printing as shown in the picture.

No offense, but that sounds like a pretty questionable way of printing discs. No option for you to scan to PC and print from there? Otherwise, there’s bound to be a way to reset CMOS on the machine, you might need to contact Epson for that.

I have the epson rx580 printer & it’s connected to my computer. I haven’t done any cd printing yet (printable cd’s on the way ) . Printer comes with software cd. Has “Epson Print CD” on it. I played around with it & you can center your picture.

To: badlungs

Would you be willing to try printing as I stated, i.e. not using your PC or any software, once you get your printable CDs? Like I mentioned, printing from the glass to a printable CD did work for me and I did NOT have the printer connected to any PC at the time. You can use a commercial CD/DVD to try this or any other CD/DVD that has border to border printing on it.



Fastcode: Sorry 4 taking so long to answer. I copied “on the glass”. Came out great except for one thing-- I could not figure out how to adjust inner & outer dimensions. I think default is 43 in & 116. I wanted 23 & 118. I can change with the software,but not the display panel. I see yours is not centered. Did u line up the arrows ? Did u take the cardboard insert out of the CD/DVD try? I think that is 4 mini disk’s. One more thing, did u put your cd in the center of the glass?