CD/DVD Super Multi Drive won't write cds



Ok my combo drive on my laptop has problem with writing cds also when I go into “My Computer” the removable storage area (running Vista) it displays a “DVD RW Drive” and a “CD Drive” and I only have one drive :confused: . The DVD RW Drive reads cds and dvd so it must be my primary drive and the CD Drive does nothing like a conjoined parasite twin. I tried to uninstall the IDE channels which I saw in a reply on this forum (switched to ATA channels :confused:) and to no avail. I think it may be the laser but the problem seems more complex than just that and I feel I may be missing something but until then any suggestions other than cleaning the laser (which I will attempt to do tonight)? Oh I almost forgot to mention my combo drive is a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632D which I believe is a subsidy of Samsung.


Hi and Welcome!

do you have any virtual drive software like Alcohol, Daemon Tools or similar installed? Maybe this is the “parasite” CD drive.

Please try dedicated CD/DVD burning software like Nero or ImgBurn in order to burn a CD disc. In case there are problems, post the log file generated.



I do have Nero and thats what I used to burn the cd I’ve had the cds for a while but for some reason it didn’t burn to data I could try to burn an audio cd since it worked when I used the laser cleaner cd. I don’t think I have any virtual drive software if those are the only examples which could cause an issue. Also when I burned the cd it says it burned successfully however there is nothing on the disk its like it was blank to begin with. Maybe I should check the log… that it saves at the end forgot to do that:doh: I have Vista if that helps with any other possible issues you can think off :bigsmile:


Maybe it was the cds I was using or the cd laser was the issue (since I cleaned it first). I bought some new cds and they worked! :bigsmile: Now as for the parasite drive I really don’t have much of an issue of it existing but it just seems so irrelevant just sitting there for no reason. :disagree: but whatever I got my Super Multi to work.

Thanks for your suggestions, :bow: :clap: