CD/DVD storage




Having amassed thousands of cdr’s/dvdr’s over the years, so far storing them in plastic wallets within cardboard boxes, I now want a better form of storage for the media.

I wonder what people use for this - draw’s, cupboards, etc, but I would like some form of nice case to store 100’s of media in each, and have multiple ones of such storage.

I have seen large DJ style aluminium cases, some look nice, others less so, from SVP, APRMedia, etc, ebay - I just wonder what is best. I bought a 200 cdr metal case from SVP some time ago - not bad, a bit rough n ready in places - I like things to be neat.

So, any recommendations? Plastic lidded boxes holding a few hundred each (maybe less) for a good price would be great - such items I have found cost £15+vat for stroring 100 discs - when an 800 capacity DJ aluminium case costs £30inc.


I am personally using two DJ cases, both with storage for up to 510 discs. At the time I bought them they were the largest I could find but now I see some that have a storage capacity of 1.000 discs already. Anyway, I think they’re great. The ones I have are solid and have two handles for easy carrying. Inside there are plastic sleeves with room for two discs. I attached a picture of one of the DJ cases I use.


Hi, thanks for that - the largest picture of a case I could see was on Ebay (trying to ascertain quality), there are some 800 disc DJ cases going for £20 bid (0 bids on last 4 auctions) but with £12 postage, or £34 outright - they look great - typing into, dj cd case, the ones I was interested in are from Tekhoi (not sure of make) - they look nice, but I wonder what the build is like - some I have seen have dreadful riviting and look tacky. There are cases from SVP and others (upto 1000), some made by AMP, and APRMedia (600 max, but they sell nice Fuji TY +r’s :)) - can you say what make your is, if any?


Could try an Imation Disc Stakka.


Thanks - did come across that - but not really what I had in mind.

It looks like DJ case’s are the best bet. Was hoping to find plastic boxes with lids that were approximately the right shape - not an easy task it seems - looked in many stores now.


I like the look of substance to that DJ case.


I have the above pictured case from Meritline (USA), and I can vouch for it. It is one of the best systems I have used. Solid, low cost, good materials, and it is easy to access the discs. I have another on order.


:slight_smile: - being in the UK, a little too far out methinks.

There are some that look like that - the AMP make seems to have grey handles, unknown makes seem to have flatter dark handles. I suppose they are very similar, but I have seen comments saying that some cases do not hold the wallets in properly, so if the case is sat upright or upside down by mistake, many of the wallets fall off the rails and the cd’s can come out.


I’ve seen them at SVP which would be good for all us people in the UK.


I use all kinds of storage. I have a DJ Case, some other cases (they were actually tool cases, but they are great for jewelcase storage as well). Than I have spindles, plasic CD sleeves in CD drawers, jewel cases (both standard and slimline), DVD boxes and some CD wallets.

Of course, all the CD storage material can be used for DVDs as well. Let me know if you require any pictures!


pictures pictures pictures!!! :bigsmile:

i just like to look at pictures


Bought a 200 disc case from SVP some time ago - build quality ok, but not great - it was not one of the larger and newer style cases (no name build).

I know you can get them from several places, it was just a matter of build quality, whether the case when shut holds the discs firmly against the guides (the top suspension bit of the cd/dvd wallet), otherwise they can come off the rails and get mixed up (media falls out of wallet), and why or why can you not buy normal plastic boxes that would hold many hundreds of discs - it’s only an oblong box with a lid - all I have seen is too small or 2 big, or low capacity and horendous price. The DJ cases holding 1000 discs for £35 or so is the best value and choice it seems.

Thanks for the replies.