CD/DVD Storage Cases?

I have always stored my burnt media in Spindles… but I want to find something more accessible. I’ve heard that CD/DVD Wallat’s corrupt data… so how about those toolbox cases?

SuperMediaStore is having a great sale. 200 disc capacity for $25 shipped!

Does anyone know the quality or brand of this item?

The best long time storage is juwel cases and/or DVD cases.

Black cases also diminish deterioration by (sun) light. :slight_smile:

But I have almost a thousand CD’s… I don’t have the space to put them all in individual CD/DVD cases. :c/

I dont think that a cd wallet could damage a dvd though maybe it could a cd. Try to find the kind of cd wallets where instead of sleve type pages, it has hard plastic pages that have little snap centers kind of like what is in a jewel case. Personally though, I have never had a problem with sleves.

zzB, this was a hot topic a while back. Generally, jewel cases are an excellent way to store disks. However, at least a few people have stored many DVDs (one would be Drpino–up to around 1500 DVDs for up to 15 years) in CD/DVD wallets with no trouble (no data corruption) provided that those wallets were stored in a cool, dark place (also not subject to huge variances in humidity), away from direct sunlight. One person who recommended those ‘toolbox’ looking storage cases (where the DVD/CD is stored vertically [also recommended]) would be chas----. He tested them extensively and found the dye on the back of the DVD was not scratched from repeated removals (around 500 repeated one-after-the-other put-in/take-outs), and he even checked with magnifying glass or something else to look for even hairline scratches–and there were none. So, you could buy those toolbox cases and provided you stored the case out of direct sunlight, in a cool place not subject to wide extremes of humidity, you should be in good shape, with no worries. :bigsmile:

So use a CD wallet. Jewel cases/DVD boxes are the best way to store discs, but if that’s not practical then you just have to compromise.

What’s your reasoning behind that?

Cool… guess I’ll get that toolbox kit and maybe a few CaseLogic wallats.

Thanks !

I was thinking preasure and or abrasion (maybe a little piece of grit gets into the sleve or something). The recording layer on a dvd is sandwitched between layers of polycarbonite. you can scratch the recording side and as long as it isn’t too bad, you can still read it (plus you can polish the scratch out etc). You can scratch the label side and it makes no diffrence whatsoever (it would have to be a very deep gouge to go through the pollycarbonite).
On a cd, the recording layer is applied to the back of the polycarbonite disk with a thin protective top layer. Again, if you scratch the recodring surface, it can still read (and or be polished out). if you scratch the label side on a cd, and it is more than a minor surface scratch, the cd is toast. You cannot repair damage to the recording layer so a bad enough scratch on the label side and the disk is a gonner. I have lost a few original cd’s to a label scratch (the protective layer isn’t always that good and or protective). I figured that the label side would be more suseptable to wear/scratching/damage on a cd being put in and out of a sleve, especially if a little grit, dirt or dust gets into the sleve.

I was about to buy 8 case logic cd wallets ranging from 32-92. That order is now deleted. I do have the storage for all my 500 cd/dvds, but its not pratical, though i dont wanna compromise the quality for storage. I might get 1x32 for transport only, but thats it. Thx guys!

1 question though. Case Logic advertise that they have pantented prosleeves. So is that just a pr stunt, or is that just to keep the cds clean, though they might not work in the long run, but just not because of the dust etc,