Cd-DVD Speed will NOT Install

I downloaded the latest version of CD-DVD Speed (4.60). When I try to run, I get the following error:

“Unable to initialize WNAPSI32.dll”

I tried creating a new folder with just the CD-DVD Speed and WNAPSI32.dll in it and tried to run it from that folder with the same results - error …dll

I do NOT have Nero on this (or any other) machine, I DO have Roxio Easy CD Creator 8 installed.

My burner is currently a Lite-On SOHW 1633S (BSOY). Since this is a Lite-On, I also downloaded (with Arachne’s advice) KProbe2. This runs fine.

I just ordered a BenQ 1650 and would like to have the CD-DVD Speed working before I start using the BenQ.

Can anyone help me with the CD-DVD Speed install??

Try removing the WNASPI32.dll file from the directory.

It’s not needed under normal circumstances (Windows XP with administratve rights).

Whoops, that’ll be my fault, I suggested he put it in there when running it “normally” (i.e. just creating a new folder for CD-DVD Speed, and just running the .exe) didn’t work.

I was kinda out of ideas :o…ended up suggesting KProbe.

CD-DVD-Speed is a stand alone program and IIRC it doesn’t require aspi. You might try Nero General clean tool from the Nero website. Sometimes the registry gets messed up and clean tool will fix all that. Not sure if this will work either.

I wasn’t sure if it required ASPI or not, but the fact that doug2255 was getting the “Unable to initialize WNAPSI32.dll” message even before I told him to copy the file into the CD-DVD Speed folder, did make me wonder.

Remove it from which directory? Windows/System32 and/or the new one I created for DVD Speed?

Also, what application uses this DLL? If I remove it form the windows directory. will it effect any other apps?

I think Drage is suggesting you just remove it from the new CD-DVD Speed folder.

I’d leave the Windows\system32 one alone unless Drage says otherwise. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I meant! :iagree:

[B]doug2255[/B], what Windows version are you running?

Do your account have administrative privileges or not?
(The default is “yes” when you install your own system, but for a corporate pc it might be “no”).

I just re-read your first post. If you download CD-DVD Speed and unzip it to your desktop and click on the Icon it should work. Just delete the folder you made in the post above. See if that works.

I am running Windows XP Pro w/sp2.

I assume that I do have admin priviliges.

I removed the .dll and treid to run CD speed. Now I get a “no CD ROM drive found”.

There is a DVD in the drive that plays OK and is recognized by explorer.

I also rebooted after this with the same results, no CD ROM drive found???

It cannot access the drive.
What about installing Nero’s ASPI or ForceASPI?

Yes, you need to [I]download [/I]wnaspi32 from Nero and put it in the CD-DVD Speed folder.

It’s possible that your System ASPI installation is interfering.

You could try the solution proposed in this post, which will remove your System ASPI installation.

This may or may not impact other programs that need to access your drives. Windows XP itself doesn’t need an ASPI layer however.

If some specific application needs an ASPI layer, you can usually just copy the WNASPI32.dll file to that directory. I can’t guarantee that this will work with all applications that use ASPI.

It really isn’t necessary (at least not for Windows XP with admin rights).

CDSpeed.exe works as a standalone application without any ASPI layer.

I have just confirmed this in a Virtual VMWare machine running only Windows XP SP2 and with only the CDSpeed.exe file copied to the desktop.

Yeah, I have another version of CD-DVD Speed just sitting in my My Documents folder.

I can run it from there just fine (with no other file in the folder with it).

That’s why I was flummoxed when doug2255 couldn’t just stick it in a folder and run it…

Try this Nero Clean tool and registry checker, then restart and run the app from your desktop without creating a directory.The registry may have gotten messed up when you created a directory (guessing). Let us know.:wink:

That’s cos you have Nero installed :slight_smile:

Nero 7 uses SPTI not Winaspi and I believe CD Speed still works although I don’t have nero 7.:slight_smile: