CD/DVD Speed -- what should I be looking for?

I’ve been searching and poking around the forums, I see lots of screenshots posted from CD/DVD Speed, but I cannot find a FAQ or good info on what these results actually mean.

What should I be looking for when I burn a disc, and when I check the quality of that burned disc? I’ve been having a few issues with my burned discs, mostly that they don’t always play reliably, especially towards the end of the movie.

Any help, pointers to a FAQ that I can’t find, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. Read here:

What drive do you have; not all will scan.

Usually bad media/burner/speed combinations will cause problems at the end of the burn. It is more difficult to burn at the edge. Post your media ID, burner, ans firmware along with burn speed and burn software.

Exactly the forum thread that I was looking for and couldn’t find… Thank you!

Just got a new burner, an NEC 3550A, firmware 1.05. My last burner was a Pioneer 106D, firmware unknown… I removed it from my system so I can’t tell. I did flash the firmware to make it so it could rip DVDs at more than 2x. The drive worked pretty well, but I probably burned less than 100 discs in the last 2 years with it.

I suspect that my problems may be from my last batch of blank discs – they’re Ridata 8x DVD-R, white inkjet printable, MID RITEKG05. I’m more than happy to dump them if they suck. I use Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs exclusively for my music, I may try the TY DVDs next.

When I have some free time I will browse through the blank media DVD tests.

Thanks for the info!

Just for kicks, I burned a new DVD movie, then scanned it… Ouch! Horrible.

What the hell went wrong??

Ritek media are not so good. Try to burn them at a little lower speed. Or, better, use different media like verbatim or taiyo yuden.