CD/DVD-Speed VS DVDInfopro, why such a big difference?



First off, I cant attach the pics to this thread as I already attached them elsewhere. I know crossposting is against the rules and I’m not trying to do that but I really think the question isnt suitable for the other forum. If this isnt ok then I’m sorry and will delete my post.

Here is a link to the attached images:

As you can see results vary A LOT, and I’ve tried many more discs in CD/DVD speed and not one acceptable burn. I’m starting to think I cannot trust the results of it because my dvdreader and my pioneer dvr-111d can read the discs fine. Anyone got any ideas why the difference is so big? Any other tools I can test with?

Can only scan with dvr-111d as my other dvd-rw is unable to read dvds for some reason. Anyone got any ideas?


Basically, the problem is that Pioneer are not reliable drives for scans. So you are comparing unreliable graphs. For what I know, the software have no influence on the scan result, because it’s related only on the drive.

To be sure that there is nothing wrong, you should compare scans using a liteon or a benq drive (plextor drives can do scans only with their proprietary Plextools software).


the software have no influence on the scan result, because it’s related only on the drive.
Not so sure about that in the case of Pioneer scans.

Pioneer drives don’t report PIEs as we know it (number of raws with at least 1 byte in error in 8ECC blocks), but the number of bytes in error in 8ECC raws. Needless to say, int most cases the numbers are higher, sometimes extremely higher.

Considering the huge difference in PIE reported by DVDInfopro and CDSpeed, I think it’s possible that DVDInfopro applies some custom algorithm to Pioneer PIE reporting to lower the figures and make it more “comparable” to drives that report PIEs according to ECMA standards.

Anyway, I agree with your point about Pioneer drives not being reliable for scanning. They’re too inconsistent and, as mentioned above, they don’t report PIEs, but something very different.


I’ve done some reading and see that the 111d or 111L as it is now isnt a very good scanner. As I’ve bought a quite large quantity of these and now read they seem to have compatibility issues with the pioneer dvr-111 so I might as well get another drive as that is cheaper than getting new discs. Sorry if that link is allowed and considered advertising, I will remove it instantly if it is just wanted to show what was written in the reviews about the compatibility. Also have a nec 3550a but it isnt working properly. Was also wondering you say software shouldnt affect the results, why are the results consistently being that different, with different discs scanned over and over again? Just curious…

I know its not the right forum to ask about what new drive to get, but if I wanted a drive that was a good scanner but still a great burner of those verbs tyg03 discs which would I go with from these 2 sites:


If it’s not too long ago i’m sure svp will swap the discs for the +R T03 which may go better with the 111. Never tried TYG03 with my 111 but T03 should be ok… :slight_smile:

If you buy known quality discs i think a Transfer Test will do fine and imo the 111 is the drive that does best with most media so unless you already have had unreadable discs i think TYG03 is ok too…


Thanks for your input.

I wont send the media back simply cause I would have to stand for the shipping and I’m in sweden and they in the UK so then I might as well buy more discs. The shipping is about the cost of a new drive, maybe a little bit cheaper, and I guess I would have to pay shipping both ways and thats a no go.

I made isos of a couple of dvds (movies) and then burned them with nero at all kinds of speeds. Then I use the very same pio drive to read them but when I try to open them in powerdvd they mostly open fine but at subs screen when I’ve chosen subs most, if not all, locks up and stops playback. If I chose a chapter further into the dvd the movie plays fine. But that cant be a good sign? Same goes if I try to read them in my liteon dvdreader. Currently I dont have a standalone dvd player to try them in. I could try other dvd playback software on my computer but I think there is an issue with the burns. Mount the isos with daemon tools and its all good. Any ideas?


I concur :iagree: - don’t put too much emphasis on PIE/PIF scans, [B]Bagge[/B]: they can be extremely misleading and should only be used to compare different burns of the same disc model (all scanned in the [I]same unit[/I] at the [I]same speed[/I] in a [I]consistent[/I] scanner) to find the best burner/firmware/writing speed combination.

If the scanner is extremely consistent, another sound use for PIE/PIF scanning is checking degradation by re-scanning (still in the same unit and at the same speed) after some time.

All other purposes are suspect and almost impossible to backup with real-world evidence.


My Pioneer 111 drives burn Plextor branded TYG03 quite well, although the peculiarites of one of those drives made me use MCSE to replace the TYG03 writing strategy with TYG02 writing strategy.

Unless you’re actually experiencing problems with TYG03 on your Pioneer 111 then I wouldn’t get another drive just for burning those discs.

As a scanner however, the Pioneer 111 is not the best choice IMO.

… if I wanted a drive that was a good scanner but still a great burner of those verbs tyg03 discs which would I go with from these 2 sites:
I’ve had really bad luck with my Optiarc AD-7173 drives, but the one I have now burns TYG03 (and YUDEN000 T03) well even at 18x when all other media produces coasters at that speed, so if you’re lucky a Sony or NEC Optiarc drive of that generation (e.g. the NEC AD-5157,5173,7170,7173 or Sony AW-G170) can be good for burning those discs but they are terrible DVD scanners IMO.

If I were to have only a single DVD drive for DVD scanning (perish the thought!) I would choose a LiteOn drive, and I can see that there are some LiteOn drives available from datorbutikken. Plextor drives are also really good scanners, better than the LiteOn perhaps, but they are too slow for my taste for everyday scans.


Thanks guys!

Isnt this a bit weird though:

Makes me think the burns arent good at all. I never used to play dvds on my computer through powerdvd before so I dont know, but if mounted with a virtual drive its flawless so it makes me so suspicious, esp when the same drive that burnt it cant make playback work properly.

I’m not a perfectionist here, I dont Need low PIE/PIF values, I dont really care a lot about these numbers, I dont need superb burns with barely no errors at all, but I want great burns that will last me pretty long with no issues. I dont need a drive for scanning purposes as long as I know my burns are good, and I wont be doing a lot of scanning even if I get one. Just to assure myself I’m not making mediocre or bad backups.


Well, have you tried another media player to play your DVDs? I was trying to make Media player 11 play DVd but sometimes it goes spastic. So I just use media player classic and that worked way better.

Dunno, download some other programs and see if the problem occurs.


Already tried with windvd, no difference, movie stuttering every now and then and freezes here and then so have to jump between chapters…

Did clean my 3550a with some isopropynol alcohol, we’ll see if i fucked it up somehow, hopefully it’ll do a better job burning these discs.

Any help is very much appreciated…