CD-DVD Speed Scanning with Aopen1648



Hi Guys!

I need help with an weird scanning result i got.

The disk is a Verbatim DVD-R 8x (MCC 02RG20) I burnt with my Nec 2510 (firmware: Maddog 2.F9)
This media is known to be pretty good and my Nec too, but I get a very high Error-Rate.

When I scann @ 4x it’s much better, but still very lot errors.

But the reading curve is near excellent.

I read that the aopen reports more errors than Benq or LiteOn, but that seems to be too much.

How are you seeing this?


I’m not familiar with the scanning abilities of the 1648P, but in general DVD-ROM drives often report 100s or 1000s more errors than a LiteOn or a BenQ DVD writer would report on an error scan.
Any chance you can BLER test the disc in a DVD writer ?
I would say your disc is perfectly fine judging from the pristine transfer rate test. :slight_smile:


Check this post out. It explains that, according to Erik Deppe, PIEs reported on CD Speed with the AOpen 1648 are 4 times that of Kprobe scans and PIFs reported are 32 times greater. So if you want to compare your results to KProbe scans divide PIE by 4 and PIF by 32 and you should get a pretty close approximation.


Unfortunately I don’t have another DVD-Writer, only the Nec which can’t handle PiF/PIE scanning (at the moment… :wink: )

And you say that the ones made by CMC are not as good as the ones from Prodisk?
(I should read more in the media forum…not only in the Nec… :stuck_out_tongue: )


These scans are the perfect example of why ROM drives are unreliable for scans. Some work and then the same drive won’t work for someone else. If you don’t want to get a Liteon for scans I would stick to the transfer rate test and a run through Shrink for a quick test of readability. Scans like these above will just have you tearing out your hair for no reason.



AOpen 1648/AAP is good for scanning. It also reports scan results within specifications (unlike all LiteOn/Mediatek chip based dvd-rom drives I’ve tested).

It has high consistency from scan to scan and very often follows BenQ/Plextor/LiteOn scan result tendencies.

However, not always. Why? Just because LiteOn doesn’t always agree with Plextor which doesn’t always agree with BenQ. They read different discs differently.

They all report READ errors. Not errors on the disc.

However, the problem is that people blindly look at the numbers without knowing what the units are.

I’ve asked Erik Deppe to provide units for each graph, and I hope this will get implemented sometime in the future for the various chips CD DVD speed supports.

The problem is not with AOpen, it’s in the reading and drawing conclusions from the results.

Let’s not blame the tool, if we don’t know how to use it properly.



A drive that is not consistent from scan to scan is inconsistent.

I know enough to not use a tool that is unreliable. If you find value from it fine. I was just pointing out problems which cause the many, many, many posts from people who wonder why their scans on ROM drives are weird. If you want reliability, get a drive made for scans. If you want a short cut, be prepared for problems.



you misread me / I let myself be misunderstood by writing too hastily.

AOpen 1648/AAP IS consistent from scan to scan (same disc). This combined with the fact that it reports read errors within specifications and that it’s read error counts are more in-line with Pioneer/BenQ/Nec/Plextor (than say LiteOn), makes it a very trustworthy read error tester.

But it is not always consistent with LiteOn or Plextor or BenQ or Nec or Pioneer.

But there is not a single consumer drive that is always consistent with scans from every other drive (this excludes Pulstec calibrated industrial drives).

It’s just not possible, due to how focus error, tracking error and slicer level implementation varies from drive to drive (different puh, firmware, mechanics).

You must understand that no two drives will always scan alike.

DVD-1648/AAP is consistent from scan to scan using the same disc.

It results just don’t always agree (and don’t need to!) with other drives.

I know this, because I’ve tested all of the above. And so has Erik D (CD DVD Speed author) and he tends to agree.

So, please let not propagate the overgeneralised myth that all dvd-rom drives are unreliable.

Mediatek chipset based ones are unreliable (I’ve tested half a dozen of them) as are some Via based ones.

But AOPen DVD-1648/AAP is not one of them.


i`ve given up scanning with my 1648/aap pro(and other peoples) as it keeps locking up when scanning with cd speed.


That’s true.

One of the failings of the that drive (and there are several with every single drive model), is that it will lock up with certain types of discs.

This appears to be firmware related, but being that the drive is not perhaps in the active development cycle anymore (?), it may not get a fix.

I’ve also had lock ups with BTC, LiteOn, Toshiba and Pioneer drives - unfortunately :frowning:


If you want a short cut, be prepared for problems.