CD-DVD Speed Recorder Information

It seems the recorder information is displayed for DVD-R on my system but not for DVD+R or DVD+R DL.

At first I thought it was normal, but I’m seeing some scans from other people who have recorder information for DVD+R. At least it appears that way. Maybe they Photoshopped the text into their disc quality scan?

Is there something I can do to make recorder information show up for DVD+R?

Recorder information is automatically added to DVD-R discs by the recording drive.

Nero CD-DVD Speed can also add it’s own recorder information to any media it burns, this is recorded in a different location from that used for DVD-R by the recording device itself, and CDSpeed can then later on read its own information.

So if you want to see the “recorded with” information on other media than DVD-R, you need to burn the disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed (check the “burn image” option on the Create Disc tab).

Thanks. That clears things up.

Now if we can encourage LIGHTNING UK! to add this information in the same way for DVD+R when burning with imgburn, that would be ideal.

I can see that you (at least I guess it’s you) already proposed this over at the ImgBurn forum in this thread:

CD-DVD Speed Recorder Information

Let’s see what LUK says. :slight_smile:

Yes, that was me. I guess he’s busy getting the new version out so I don’t expect anything too soon.

I think if he could incorporate it, the feature would add something useful to a lot of people.

If you mean the stuff outlined in purple, I find it only appears if I eject the disc after burning. When I then close the tray, Nero will show it on the Disk Quality screen. I guess this forces Nero to re-read the disc.

To be clear, you burned with CD-DVD Speed in this case. Otherwise you wouldn’t see the recorder at all because it’s a +R disc.

Well maybe they’ll have that fixed in the blue laser discs. And let’s hope they don’t have + and - discs :slight_smile:

Hmmm, come to think of it they do. They just call them HD and BluRay. :slight_smile: