Cd-dvd speed questions



could someone explain the disc quality scan in cd-dvd speed to me? I for the first time ever started scanning my dvd’s for quality and the PIE and PIF are pretty bad. TYG01 media is usually pretty bad while Verbatim seems decent but not low like everyone elses. How low should the PIE and PIF be for a disc to play without a problem?

Verbatim 16x burned@12x gives me the best results with a PIF max. of 12-14 usually. What I don’t understand is are these numbers really important at all? I watched a dvd I made last week and it played flawlessly with no pauses or skips. I gave it to someone else and they played it fine as well. I just scanned it and the PIE max. was 2959 while the PIF max. was 45. Now those are really horrible stats yet the dvd played without a hitch on more than one dvd player.


What reader are you using for running CD speed (drive manufacturer). You don’t necessarily look at the max numbers. PI should have nothing higher than 200, and PIF never above 4. You really need to look at the PI avg and the PIF avg. Then there is the quality score. What number is that. For really good burns, avg PIF should always be in the areas of .1 to .2, and quality score should be at least 91, and preferably, in the mid to high 90’s. Screen capture your CD Speed results, and post one here as a .png file if you can.


i’ve been using my nec 3520. other drive is liteon 167t.


I have to go in a few minutes and I don’t have a screen capture program. I’ll come back later tonight and post some captures. I’m just wondering if these stats are anything to worry about since I have a lot of dvd-'rs and a lot of them have poor PIF and PIE stats and quality score. Yet they have played fine without a problem on my standalone dvd players.


Click on the disc icon at the top of the window in cd-speed, it will take the screenshot for you, save in .PNG format.



i went through the f.a.q. and noticed I should be doing quality scans at slower speeds. I’ve been doing them at 16x and 12x Even at 12x I’ve gotten good scores with Verbatim 16x@12x, but really rotten scores with Taiyo Yuden 4x@4x. i’m now scanning at 5x and suddenly my pie and pif scores have dropped drastically. I was freaking out for now reason. It’s all good.


is this a good quality scan?


PI Errors Maximum shouldn’t go higher than 280
PI Errors Total shouldn’t go higher than 100000 (you have 124678, not so good)

PI Failures Maximum shouldn’t go higher than 16
PI Failures Total shouldn’t go higher than 2000 (you have 3538, not so good)



For MCC004, not good.


so what should I do? try different firmwares or get a new burner?


i’ve been using 1.uf for my nec 3520