CD/DVD-Speed not working on XP 64

Firstly, i’m not sure where to direct this question to, but since its regarding an media identifying/testing software, it should go here.
I just cannot get CD/DVD Speed to even load up under Windows XP 64, and i’ve been having problems with the ASPI layer and all. Been lookin for some ways to get ASPI and all working but there aren’t any direct answers to it. When i use aspichk to see if ASPI are updated and stuffs like that, it has all the files there but it states one helper file is not working or something.

Nero works fine with burning and all, DVDinfo works fine too. But CD/DVD-Speed and Nero Infotool would not even recognize the drive I have.

Btw, my drive is a Pioneer 110d with the 1.22 TDB firmware.