CD/DVD Speed giving different results from burner to reader

These are two scans of the same disk. the one with the high quality score is read by the 1655 and the second is read by my Lite-on DVD ROM. Why the difference? I notice that I have been burning all morning, thinking things are great (becasue my 1655 says the quality scores are good, then I try scanning all of the disks that I thought were good and they all suck and will probably be unwatchable. is this normal?

Not being able to see your scans but I know that scanning with a Lite-on DVD ROM is suspect at best. I have never had a reliable scan with a DVD-ROM drive.

The above scan is with the Liteone ROM. here’s the first scan with the 1655. Both with the same disk. This is the same one as here:

I will try this on my home player, but my friends says it froze.

Now I see it, sure not the greatest burn but I suppose picky dvd players might not like it,
this is what I think the problem is. What speed you burn at 16x? Try 12x.

My Mintek plays just about any disk but I also have some friends with picky DVD players.

You will get differences in scans between drives…hell even using the same drive scanning the same disk twice, but they should not be much different.
But, as mentioned above DVD rom drives generally are very bad DVD scanners…liteon DVD Writers scan very well. I would rely on your 1655 for scanning.

And the scan you showed in the link shows very bad jitter…which is most likely what is causing your skipping.

well. here’s the exact same disk as ran through my 1630 at home. Again, different results. I watch a good 1/2 hour of this movie in about six different places and there wer no skips or freezes.

This may be a stupid question, but I cannot find it with a search and I am growing more and more frustrated at the varying responses:
What reference (readme, tutorial, etc) do most people use to determine what part of dvd speed’s scan indicates a good or bad burn. I always thought it was the quality score with a look at the PIFs (10 or less was considered good). Some people will say my scan was fine, but not great (one person commented “if that’s a bad scan, I’ll eat it”) Yet, some other people say it is a bad burn. PIE’s over 30,000, PIF’s over 13,000; bad jitter, etc.


upon review I see that the scan from my 1620 and 1640 are similar. both have 10 PIFs and 750+ PIEs. However, the scan from my brand new 1655 shows a score of 88 and more failures than the previous two burners. i understand some slight differences are to be expected from scan to scan, but a QS of 94 to a QS of 88 - this seems wrong. How can i depend on a program that gives such different results?