CD-DVD Speed Date Problem?

I posted a couple of scans today that I know were scanned yesterday, and the dates show up December 25th and December 26th. Only a couple from yesterday showed up with those dates, and the other scans show the correct date. I started looking thru some other scans and found some VERY strange dates.(see attached pic) If you check the file properties, the “created”, “modified”, etc… are all correct, so it seems to be a problem with CD-DVD Speed. I’m currently running CD-DVD Speed version 3.70, and I have seen date problems with this version. The version of CD-DVD Speed I was running when the attached scan was ran was version 3.61.

Also, anyone else have the problem of the date showing up as “N/A” about 50% of the time? My systems date and time is set and all of my other programs log correct dates and times.

Attached pic shows a very strange date. I don’t think the BenQ 1620 was around September 2001.:confused:

might be the software you are using to burn the disc.

or if copying a disc i hope you realize it will mimic that date as it is part of the burn header.

I use DVD Decrypter to burn everything. When you are copying a disc, what date is it mimicing? The date you burned the disc? Because I always scan right after I burn the disc.

The below pic is a disc I burned this evening(about an hour ago) and scanned right after:

if you are doing an iso of another disc it is the other disc’s date that you will see because you are exact copying.

if you make a copy of a disc that has no date encoded it will show no date.

if you make a compilation with nero it will normally show todays date. however if you copy it will show the info encoded on the original