CD-DVD Speed "Create Disc" Feature -- Is It Any Good?

Hey Folks!

I’ve got a small question for ya’ll if that’s okay…

Okay, so I thoroughly enjoy the “Create Disc” feature that the latest CD-DVD Speed program has built into it. I personally LOVE seeing how well a disc burns, like if unusual dips occur due to scratches on my media and stuff…

So I was just wondering, how effective would it be for me to burn my DVD-Video ISO’s through this program? I need to burn at DAO I think… but CD-DVD Speed only has TAO as the next available option besides SAO.

Is TAO good enough to burn a DVD-Video image with? The discs I create are for use on standalones, so my goal is to retain as much compatibility as possible.

I also don’t want to run PIE/PIF scans on each disc if I don’t have to… a simple “Create Disc” graph shows me most of what I need to know – like consistency when burning at 8X P-CAV.

You see, I’ve done a few test on bad media to compare results against… and by bad I mean scratched high-quality media. And I’ve noticed how my burner slows down to try and compensate for the defects in the disc – and I like seeing that, so much that I’d want to see if for every burn!

Currently I use ImgBurn, but all that shows me is buffer levels. It’s a great program though… I just thought I’d give Nero CD-DVD speed a shot, you know?

Thanks to anyone for reading this unecessarily long post! I think I have a tendancy to type a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you burn an ISO/NRG image of a DVD Video disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed, it will be playable in a DVD player - provided that the quality of the disc and the burn is OK.

The Create Disc graph will tell you almost nothing about the quality of a disc, however. At most it will tell you if a disc is so bad that it fails during burn.

Even if a Create Disc shows a slowdown during a burn because the firmware in the drive has decided it’s better to slow down, the burnt disc can still be far better in quality than another burn that doesn’t slow down.

The only way you’ll really know about the quality of the burn is to performing testing after the disc has been burned, by e.g. performing “quality” scans and Read Transfer Tests, and for DVD Video discs playing it in some (picky) DVD player(s).

Oooh, good info, good info! You certainly have sparked some more thought in me! Thanks for responding so quickly, too. :slight_smile:

Hmm… so do you happen to know what some picky DVD players are? When I bought my standalone, I bought the best in its class (a SONY DVP-NS55P) for obvious reasons… and my problem is that it plays every single freakin disc I throw at it! I need an el-cheapo player that’ll have trouble and what not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there’s a thread devoted to “the worst players” like there is to the best ones? I’ll be lookin for one…