CD/DVD Speed - Create Disc Curves

Whilst I have been using CD/DVD Speed to scan disks for a while now, it’s only in the last week that I ventured into the ‘Create Disc’ tab. I was trying to diagnose a misbehaving Plextor 755SA and comparing the results to the smooth curves produced by the Liteon drive.

After many wasted hours and blank disks, I concluded the drive was a lost cause and replaced it with a Pioneer 112D. Out of curiosity, I wondered how smooth a curve the Pioneer would produce.

I have another 112D in the other PC (ASUS, XP2800, 512MB), so repeated the test on that one.

And finally, The King of Quality 755A (Shuttle, Barton XP3000, 512MB).

All of which leaves me to conclude, either -

a) Three of my drives are slightly broken. Although, they do still produce above-average scans.

b) The smooth curve is irrelevant. However, if that’s true, what’s the point of the test?

c) I should get out more.

The main reason for pursuing this is to figure out why random (TYG02/03) disks become unreadable after a couple of months. We’re not talking a huge number, possibly 2-3% and even then one of the other drives will usually still read them for long enough to copy it onto another disk. However, the memory of losing 100+ disks within three months (Ridisc RITEKG04 and Imation FUJIFILM03) does not fade easily.

PS - I tried using the Benchmark tab as well, but after watching it patiently reach 100%, it keeps blanking the screen before I can save it.

Are you thinking your drives are duff because of the dips in the Create Disc curve?

If so, don’t. It’s the way they write - OPC (Optimum Power Control). LiteOns don’t always have a smooth Create Disc cure, if certain SmartBurn features are enabled. :wink:

Quality scans done on the LiteOn (at 4x 'cos it’s a 20x drive), and a Transfer Rate Test are what I usually do.

I have noticed that your buffer is all over the place though on your Plextor burns, maybe that’s causing a problem…how is it connected?

Edit: I have the same “disappearing TRT/scan/whatever” with the latest CD-DVD Speed too, I’ve rolled back to the last version. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Ditto! :cool:
Apart from 4x scans with Lite-On cause it’s 20x. Why?
The Lite-On crew,
Just don’t have a clue. :stuck_out_tongue: :doh: :bigsmile:
What to do!

LOL…I just find with my 20x Litey (others have said similar) that 8x scanning speed tends to throw up wacky results. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

If it’s any consolation, 4x on my 20A1H agrees with 4x on my 1693S. …and we all know how highly regarded the 1693S was…now don’t we, Madame LiteOn Historian? :bigsmile:

It is indeed some consolation (“Madame LiteOn Historian” LOL) :bigsmile:

I loved my 1693S, my favourite LiteOn drive along with the 1635S, great reader/burner…I regret giving it to my neighbour 'cos he needed a drive :sad:

c) :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s just the way the drive burns. Pioneer and some other drives calibrate frequently I guess to ensure write quality is good.

CDspeed is buggy and has been declared null and void. Erik sez a new one will be available shortly. In the meantime go to and download

Who knew? It’s natural to assume newer models of computer stuff will be better.

Well I know now and I keep my 1693 drives in a lead lined concrete bunker buried in my back yard. :bigsmile:


I keep my 1693S in its original packaging so it doesn’t get banged up. I readily abuse my 20A1H drive, though. :bigsmile:

[My DRU-810A DW1640 is also in its original packaging, but only 'cause I don’t want to use it, not because I’m trying to save it. :stuck_out_tongue: no bashing, please.]