CD-DVD Speed app & Disc Quality test with PX-716

I am having trouble with the Nero CD-DVD Speed app (v. 4.01).

If I run the “Disc Quality” test using my Lite-On SOHC-5236K Combo drive, it works fine, and will check DVD+R discs.

But if I try the same thing with my new PX-716A, I get “Error initializing test” every time. Other tests work (like Benchmark and ScanDisc), but not this one. I tried rebooting; I tried upgrading CD-DVD Speed from 4.00 to 4.01, but no change.

Any ideas?

Related question: What’s a reasonable Quality Score in this test? Lite-On routinely reports stuff between 84 (for an overburned Fujifilm DVD+R I made earlier today with my PX-716) to 93 (for a standard DVD+R I burned with my old PX-708). The manual included with CD-DVD Speed is a bit out of date, and doesn’t even mention its DVD-related functionality.


Any ideas?
Yes, and the answer can be found in more than one thread…
Related question: What’s a reasonable Quality Score in this test?
Learn how to read the tests “manually”, the machine evaluation is flaky at least

Machines do what the programmer has told them to do. So the pogrammer of CD/DVD-speed (or at least his programming) is ‘flaky’?

How else would you explain that for example a disc with a POF can get a score higher than 0? :a

OK, it occurs to me that perhaps I need more basic information than anything Plextor or Nero-specific. :confused: I’ve posted a question in the Newbie forum instead.

But thanks for the responses.


  1. Nero CD/DVD Speed does not support Plextor drives
  2. If you want to perform disc quality assessment, use either PXScan/PXView (by alexnoe) or Plextools Pro

Because PIF is the only parameter that goes into quality score calculus within CD/DVD Speed … :doh:

Because the definition of a ‘coaster’ is not equal to a score of 0. Even with one or more POF on the disk, the existance of POFs means having local errors only while the rest of the disk may still read ok.

Other scans i’ve seen with PIF errors >32 can have scores in the 80s. Depending on how strict you apply the PIF Limit we’re speaking of coasters with quite high a score here!

IMHO the quality score can only be used to make an overall comparison between two burns (even to compare to coasters) and not to determine whether a burn is a coaster or not according to the required PIE/F POE/F limits to be respected.